FAMU makes fundraising a priority for 2018

SBI Dean and VP of Advancement Dr. Friday-Stroud.


On Wednesday, Florida A&M’s Board of Trustees met up to discuss a new plan to increase funds at the university.

Many students have felt school funds were a problem for FAMU and now full light is being shed on the idea of fundraising.  Fourth year Criminal Justice Pre-Law transfer student Kevin Harris said,“I believe that FAMU has needed help with its funds for a long time now, in my opinion. But I’m happy to see they’re finally applying pressure on it.”

At the beginning of the meeting, it was said that there were issues to the funds account. Due to those issues, FAMU’s Capitol City account was closed with only $300 left in the account.

An audit committee was added to the bylaws and approved on February 10.

The plan, entitled the “FAMU Rising” Campaign, was led by School of Business and Industry Dean and Vice President of Advancement Dr. Shawnta Friday-Stroud.  With Stroud being the interim Vice President of Advancement, she planned to have found a replacement by now, but she said that may take another year. In addition to that, a board member commented on Dr. Stroud, and said that Stroud has made an enormous difference since she accepted her position.

Another topic that the BOT touched was confirming that there has been a change in the name “Rattler Boosters”; they are now the “FAMU Rattler Boosters.”  FAMU Rattler Boosters’ Board of Directors President Selvin Cobb said,“We have a goal to raise one-hundred thousand that will be strictly for athletics, that is in our budget but we will exceed that.”

The FAMU Rising Fundraising Campaign will fund student scholarships, athletics, student activities, as well as other assets to the university.  Dr. Stroud also included the idea of a fundraising competition amongst current classes at FAMU, stating “This is how we roll.” She also added that she wanted to increase the buying of FAMU tags by alumni; which all funds would go back to the school. This included working to create an account for boosters and alumni where they will be able to deposit money and see where it is going.

“A lot of times we hear people say they don’t give because we don’t ask, we’re going to fix that,” said Dr. Stroud.