Student athlete by day, Father and husband by night

 Kaycee with his wife and son after his game.
Photo by: Jessica Gardner

July 11, 2016, was the day that changed 20-year-old Kaycee Reese’s life forever. Reese was in his second season of college baseball and his sophomore year of college when his son was born. If juggling school and baseball was difficult before this day, adding another responsibility to his daily life would not be anything short of a challenge.

Reese plays third base for Florida A&M baseball. The love he has for the sport dates back to his childhood. Growing up in Tallahassee, Reese played T-ball right outside the gates of FAMU’s Moore-Kittles field.

“I feel like sports have always been in my blood,” Reese said. “I’m the youngest of three brothers and they all played sports as well. Baseball was my love at first sight when I was younger so I kept with it and now I can’t stop playing.”

Stacey Reese, Kaycee’s mom has watched her son progress through the years as an athlete.

“Kaycee started playing t-ball at the age of four and he has been playing baseball ever since. When he was a baby and first started walking, he never played with any toys we bought him unless they were a ball,” Stacey Reese said. “Once he became acclimated with balls, he just started playing every sport. But his love has always been baseball. He has always ate, slept, thought about baseball, day in and day out. The love that he has for the sport, is one that I have never seen before.”

While Reese spends the majority of his time on the field, another large portion of his time is spent in the classroom. Reese is a junior business administration major in FAMU’s School of Business and Industry. He has a vision of using his degree when he graduates to open and operate his own baseball facility.  

After a long day of classes and baseball practice, Reese heads home to his wife and son.

“Of course he’s tired when he comes home but he’s always excited to see KJ (his son),” Martina Reese, Kaycee’s wife said. “That’s the first thing he does, run to him and give him a hug. When he’s home he makes sure to give us 100 percent of his time.”

Reese looks to his faith for strength in juggling all of his responsibilities.

“I’m a strong believer in the Lord and I feel if I stay with him he can take me through anything,” Reese said. “With all of the school work, baseball practices, games, daddy duties and husband duties, it’s a lot but it is worth it and I have faith in the Lord.”

Reese is still chasing a dream that he has had since he was a young boy, playing major league baseball. Before his college baseball career at FAMU comes to a close, Reese hopes to get picked up in the draft by a MLB team and have the opportunity of providing a life for his family.

“I love my son and wife. They’re always supportive of me and I’m just so grateful for them. They’re happy for me whether I win or lose,” Reese said. “I play for them. When I do good on the field it’s a great feeling to know that I’m one step closer to providing for them.”