Oasis celebrates 10 years of empowering local women and girls

Photo credit: theoasiscenter.net

The Oasis Women’s Center for Women and Girls will be celebrating its 10th anniversary with a women’s luncheon on Friday, March 23.

The event will shine light on the accomplishments of amazing women in the Tallahassee community who blazed trails where none existed, creating opportunity, making Tallahassee and its citizens better.

Oasis will be honoring the women and girls selected for the Trailblazer Awards, the Unsung Shero Award, and the Girls Can Do Anything! Award. The luncheon will also include, a program of celebration with powerful speakers and local history.

Oasis was founded on the principle of diversity in regards to the community “where women and girls from all walks of life are connected and empowered,” according to its website, theoasiscenter.net. The nonprofit center focuses on providing resources to meet “women where they are to equip them with the tools to reach their goals, and celebrate with them as they progress on their journey.”

“Our founder, Kelly Otte, based her model after the Jacksonville Women’s Center,” said Michelle Gomez, the executive director of Oasis. “She wanted to create a community hub that would serve as a place to connect and celebrate women and girls before there is a crises.”

The center, located at 317 East Call St., provides services like counseling and support and leadership programs. It is also committed to public policy, which staffs “the Tallahassee/Leon County Commission on the Status of Women and Girls to promote systemic change for women and girls in our city and county,” according to its website.

“We advocate for improving the lives of women and girls,” said Gomez. “As of last year, only 24 percent of women are represented in our governing bodies nationally, yet women make up a little over half of the nation’s population.”

  According to the National Conference of State Legislators’ website, “Approximately 1,866 women serve in the 50 state legislatures in 2018. Women make up 25.3 percent of all state legislators nationwide.”

The luncheon, which is purposely held during Women’s History Month, aims to recognize the role that women play in the community.

“We are recognizing local women who are from Tallahassee and have been living in Leon County,” said Gomez. “The scientist, doctors, community leaders, stateswomen, teachers and judges that you wouldn’t know about because a lot of their work doesn’t make the news,” Gomez said. “So we’re making it the news. The luncheon is also celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage and who wouldn’t love a good luncheon?”

Women's History Month Community Luncheon will be held at 11:30 a.m. Friday, March 23, at the St John's Lively Café, 211 North Monroe St. Tickets are available on eventbrite.com