Daddy Dearest


Whether you are a girl with no father, a single mother, or a father that does not think it is important to be a part of a little girl’s life, this is for you.

Having a father active in a girl’s life is essential to her development as a young woman. A father can teach many things, like self-love, respecting your body as a temple, and the biggest of them all: protection.

Every girl wants to feel protected, she wants to be able to say she has that guy that’s going to look after her, keep her out of trouble, and be her biggest support system. Unfortunately, every girl doesn’t know that feeling, so they try to find it elsewhere.

Many girls feel an emptiness because of the absence of their father. She tends to find everything she can to cover up all the pain so she can feel loved, but the love she receives is nothing compared to a father’s love.

To know that so many girls are fatherless is disappointing. It is time that fathers take accountability for their actions and own up to their responsibilities. We are losing too many of our girls due to fathers deciding to take the easy way out, or mothers pushing fathers away because of issues in their own relationship.

“I’m not sure if I can imagine life without my dad, he is truly my confidante, especially when it comes to making the hard decisions in my life. I may not like his opinion, but I know he only wants the best for me,” said Priscilla Medehue, a biochemistry student at Florida State University.

Girls turn into women, and as a woman she still carries the hurt, failure and rejection into her life that eventually makes it hard for her to let another man in. These are problems that many women wish could’ve been avoided.

Bilal Jackson, a sociology student at Florida A&M University, said “I have a daughter, and I plan to be there for her every step of the way. I am going to make sure she experiences the love and attention she needs from her father. She will always be daddy’s princess.”