RattlersinBusiness takes helping student entrepreneurs to next level

Some of the entrepreneurs showcasing their products.
Photo credit: Albert Hayes


Fredline Pierre, a FAMU student and founder of RattlersinBusiness, believes students need to support one another.

That’s why she was happy to partner with the Office of Student Activiites on Wednesday for an event where it was possible for the student body to support their classmates while also giving them another platform to market their business.

“This is an opportunity for FAMU students to showcase their work. For Set Friday there is a $20 fee, but through RattlersinBusiness it is free,” she said. “From set up to take down I do not get paid at all.

“We always talk about supporting each other, and this gives us a chance to use the real word support. Everyone supported “Black Panther,” but we forget to support our own that’s home.”

There were entrepreneurs of all types who attended. At the event there were artists, fashion designers and more.

Deborah Castor, FAMU graduate and owner of Couleurs de Miel said, “the toughest part is getting people to appreciate our art. We make our pieces and we have to set a price and do not want to low ball ourselves, but we have to make it reasonable for other people.”

Supporting one another and supporting black businesses is a concern within the black community. Black entrepreneurs go unheard and out of business due to a lack of exposure. There are people who cannot afford to properly market themselves.

 Events like RattlersinBusiness offered will give that platform and extra exposure.

Onyeka Ibe, owner of Cevon accessories and a FAMU student, said, “We always talk support and putting the dollars back into our community, so events like this is exactly what we need just to do. We all went out to support “Black Panther” so this is exactly like that. If we can all go to each other’s events and purchase each other’s stuff, we can be as big as “Black Panther.” If we support each other we can be as big as the Coach, Gucci and Prada. But this is a step in the right direction for sure.”

Money was made, business cards were handed out and networks were strengthened. The goal of the event was accomplished. 

The general consensus of the entrepreneurs is events like this should happen more frequently to provide black entrepreneurs the opportunity to market their business more and gain more clientele.