Marine pursues degree at FAMU

Christopher Jones has had a passion for computer technology since he was in elementary school.

Born and raised in Hapmton, Virginia, Jones always knew that one day he wanted to work with technology for a living.

“I’ve always had a passion for computers since I was young because I was fascinated with how complex they are and how important they have become in our everyday society. It seems like everything now is ran by computers,” he said.

However, Jones decided to take a different route in order to achieve his goal. In 2012 after graduating high school, he decided to join the Marine Corps to help pay for his college tuition.

“I knew becoming a Marine would be a tough task, but I knew that I was mentally and physically ready for the challenge. And I knew that the Marines would help pay for college in the future so that helped motivate me too.”

In 2015, Jones decided to pursue a degree in computer information systems at Florida A&M University. He chose FAMU because he has family in Florida and he had always admired FAMU.

Jones is not only a full time student, but he is a full time employee as well. He works at the Bond Community Health Center on Gadsden Street.

Fellow classmate Joseph Jones, a third-year computer science student from West Palm Beach, said he is impressed with Jones’ focus in the classroom.

“Everyone that has class with Chris, knows that he means business when it comes to his academics. He’s never late for class, he’s very engaged during letures, and he’s always studying before any test/quiz.”

Arlisha McQueen a computer information systems professor at FAMU, praised Jones’ work ethic.

“Chris is such a nice guy and he’s so focused. He would always take notes during class and he if he didn’t understand something that was taught you would be sure that he would stop by my office,” she said. “You can tell he loves computers and he’s going to be great in his field of work soon.”

Jones said that he is more at ease now that he’s a full-time student and employee, but he is  appreciative of how the Matines helped him prepare for college and life.  

“The Marines taught me how to maintain focus. It taught me humility, responsibility, teamwork, perserverance, and so much more,” he said. “There were so many days where I wanted to quit and go home but I perservered through the obstacles and I know it helped me become the man I am today.

“Now FAMU is a piece of cake and I’m ready to get my degree and transition to the next phase of my life,” Jones said.