Robinson addresses faculty senate with changes to come

Robinson addresses faculty senate with changes to come.
Photo credit: Nyasha Baly

Larry Robinson, president of Florida A&M University, ensured the faculty senate that the institution is not backing down from the challenge of finding more funding, better internships, and relationships with corporate companies across the country.

Robinson informed senators about his trip to the West coast where he represented FAMU at the largest HBCU national conference in California. He and other representatives of HBCUs participated in recruiting students and informing them of the significance our institutions behold.

Robinson was a panelist at the informative conference where the panel discussed “Why Attend an HBCU” to over 15,000 students. While advocating for students to attend FAMU, he was invited to a private event in Silicon Valley where he established a bond with corporate stakeholders from Google and Intel.

“We have a special partnership that we are working on with Google. They want to bring a 100 students out to spend a year-long internship in their programs. They are very serious and ready to make investments in making this happen for FAMU students,” said Robinson.

Sameer Kapileshwari, the VP of Facilities, Planning, Construction, and Safety, gave the faculty senate an update on the memorial Rattlers Wall Mural.

“We are working with our internal team, partners, and student architects to construct a blueprint of what our Fallen Rattler Memorial wall would look like. This memorial mural will be on the West side of BL perry, a spacious area on campus for this wall along with benches in the grassy areas. We will start off small and build onto the wall over time.”

There is a lot of facility management investments that are destined to happen in the next year on FAMU campus. Robinson and the facilities management team are working hard to enhance the environment and resources on campus for students. He emphasized on the underground work that is needed before the construction of new buildings and infrastructure.

“There is a lot of monies available and we hope that in conference with the housing senate some funding will be allocated to our facilities. We have 4.8 million in the facilities category to address some issues of low ground infrastructure that is in dire need of replacement and repairs to electrically run the school.”

Robinson also asked for $7 million for enhancement in our classrooms, resources and I.T connection. The fix for new modernized resources and construction is in the works along with more faculty and classes offered.

Kyle Eidahl, the curriculum committee coordinator, shared some changes in courses.

“There are new courses, RCS 3700E, Disabilities in society for Health, THE 4908p for Theatre and an undergraduate biomedical engineering program designed to work with Biomed and Biotech communities in the workforce. SBI will now have a joint masters of supply chain management and business administration program for students who are interested in both majors.”

Robinson along with faculty and staff are all working hard to help FAMU students diversify the workforce and graduate with many opportunities ahead of them.