Clothing drive supports spring break abroad

Students are preparing to make plans for the upcoming academic spring break of classes. But the No. 1 question is:  Where to go?

 While many students seek out sunny beaches for their vacay, others are taking things internationally. Christopher Daniels, a professor of international relations, will be taking students abroad for the break. Students will get the chance to visit South Africa and Dubai, getting to experience firsthand cultures across the globe.

“I look forward to taking students on this trip to expose them to different experiences and cultures. I want to help broaden their horizon,” Daniels said. 

During the week students will not only be exposed to the everyday lives of those in a foreign country; they will also be exposed to international employment opportunities. By visiting and learning about various international corporations and internship programs.

Along with that, Daniels wanted to incorporate a way for the students to give back to these countries that provide a plethora of opportunities for them. Therefore, Daniels was able to start the South Africa clothing drive with the help of FAMU students Nalani KellyMarsh, Maya Mitchell and Domonique Parks.

For the past four months, these three students have been working alongside Daniels in creating the drive. They have been fundraising to gain clothes that will be sent to South Africa and distributed to seven different locations by the students.

“I saw this trip as a great opportunity, especially with the help of someone advocating for me to be in attendance. I wanted to do the same for someone else,” said student KellyMarsh.

With the help of SGA many others like Nalani, are able to go on this trip. Professor Daniels has been taking students abroad for spring break since 2011. This will be the first year, but hopefully not the last time, students held a clothing drive in support of the trip.

“It’s important to seek funding for trips like this and it’s a need for minorities to gain these type of experiences,” Mitchell said.

Clothing drives were held once a month starting back in November, during Set Friday. But don’t worry, students can still make donations. Donation drop off’s can be placed in Professor Daniel’s office, Tucker Hall 315, up until Monday. They are asking for gently used clothes and shoes for all ages. Anything is greatly appreciated.

When asked what they expect to take away from this experience, Mitchell, had this to say: “I’ve never been outside of the U.S., so I’m thankful for the chance to travel. I want to see how my skin color is viewed from a different perspective and allow those perspectives to influence me.”

For more information on how you can be part of this experience, speak with Professor Daniels.

“I’m just so thankful not only to the students who have helped me to make this clothing drive possible but also, those who have taken the time to donate. We appreciate all of the support from those aiming to make a difference,” Daniels said.