A shift in the senate takes place this week

Photo credit: Sydne Vigille 

Student senators met in the Senate Chambers of Florida A&M University this Monday to cover the lengthy agenda of reports, confirmations, and lobbying.

The National Society of Black Engineers student branch expressed their gratitude for being granted the opportunity to attend this past nationals conference. In addition to that, 30 out of 45 of the FAMU-NSBE members were offered internships and jobs.

FAMU finally appointed a new Student Government Association Vice-President.  Later in the evening, senior business administration student from St. Petersburg, Florida, Dajuh Sawyer has been confirmed as Vice-President of SGA with only three months left to serve.

The past SGA-President candidate is humbled to be in the position of student leadership through all she has been through to get here, “You can make an impact wherever you are here’s a lot of work to be done, to bring this campus to higher heights,” said Sawyer.

Just after confirming Sawyer into Vice-Presidency, William Hudson announced to students that he is one of two finalist for the presidency of Missouri based-HBCU, Lincoln University.

“I will be interviewing this week, but that does not mean I am leaving,” said Dr. Hudson.

As the meeting continued, Markeesha Saint-Ford, a fourth year biology pre-med student from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was confirmed as precinct supervisor.

Photo credit: Sydne Vigille 

SGA-President Devin Harrison revealed his feelings toward the gun reform rally that took place yesterday at noon in front of The Capitol.

“This is something bigger than FAMU, this is something that is actually implementing change and making an impact in our community,” said Harrison.

Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. William Hudson carried the message with a heart-wrenching reality of being responsible to notify and console the parents of deceased children.

“The toughest part of my job is calling a parent who will never see their child again,” said Hudson.

“I need you to take your efforts seriously, you guys have more power than all of the staff combined,” added Hudson.