Pace Bikes boost the pace for exercise in Tallahassee



As the tires hit the pavement and the hastened wind blew through her braids, Tallahassee resident Emily Ace, has always enjoyed bike riding. When she looked out of the window of her residence hall on Florida A&M University’s campus, she saw another way to relieve stress and exercise after a long day of studying.

“I came outside, and the bikes were there, I was so surprised and a little nervous to use it. I thought it may have been a set-up,” Ace explained.

Ace saw a rack full of Pace Bikes.

Just like Ace, Tallahassee residents are taking advantage of a new bike sharing initiative funded by Zagster called Pace Bike.

The program launched in December of 2017 and many people in the Tallahassee community were shocked to pass by local bike racks and notice “Pace Bike” printed on them.

According to the office of Tallahassee’s mayor, Chief of Staff Dustin Daniels, the development of what a bike sharing program should look like was how the program began.

We worked to develop a plan for what a bike share program should look like within the city, and assisted in the process of developing the criteria that was used in our selected of the Pace program,” Daniels said.

According to the general manager for New Markets Elana Bohem, the placement for Pace Bikes was strategic.

“Tallahassee is one of the few large cities in the country that doesn’t have a bike sharing program. With Florida State University students here and the state capitol, we thought it would be a great place for biking to reduce congestion for traffic as well as promote a healthy lifestyle for residents…,” explained Boehm.

Like Boehm, Daniels agrees that Tallahassee is evolving and needed a little edge.

Our city is growing and changing into a world class place to live and do business. With that growth requires us to provide diverse modes of travel, as well as amenities that improve our overall quality of life. This program was a perfect fit for advancing us toward both of those goals.

To begin your ride, it simply starts with downloading the Pace Bike app, inputting your card information, finding the nearest bike and then the app automatically unlocks the bike.”

With the price set at $1 for every thirty minutes, this new affordable mode of transportation is engaging for Tallahassee residents of all ages.

“It’s really simple, that’s what made my experience so great. I would definitely do it again,” Ace said.

Aside from strenuous duties that can come from being Chief of Staff, Daniels even had the opportunity to keep up with Pace.

I have been on a Pace bike, and I love it. The ease of checking the bike in and out, as well as the unique opportunity to see the city in a new way were make the program very enjoyable from my standpoint,” said Daniels.

According to Bohem the goal for Pace Bike is to keep Tallahassee residents as active as possible.

“Our goal is to make cycling the most fun – the most loved — form of transportation.”