SoDough Bakery is SoYummy!

Tallahassee’s SoDough Baking Co. | Photo credit: Asia Irvin

If you’ve ever visited SoDough Bakery, don’t spend too much time gazing at the appealing treats on display. Trust me, they taste as flavorsome as they look.

The popular pastry shop is infused with an aroma of glazed cinnamon rolls and warm oven-baked cookies. Made with fresh ingredients and hand-made dough, from sweet to savory, Tallahassee’s new bakery has your sweet tooth covered.

According to store manager Tracy Powell, business has been booming since the  bakery’s doors to the opened back in September.

“We get a diverse group of customers on a daily basis. Many of our customers are FAMU and FSU students, and we get a lot of customers who are just passing by from the local to midtown area.”

The fluffy fresh cinnamon rolls drenched in icing are so doughy, they melt in your mouth. They are only sold on Saturdays while supplies last, so many customers take advantage of the delicious treat whenever they have the chance.

30-year-old Martha Stewart, who has been a loyal SoDough customer since they opened, said that the treats are so rich and flavorful that she visits the bakery at least once a week.

“Coming here gets addicting, but I love it and my grandkids especially love it. The atmosphere is so nice and the employees make the customers feel at home, so this is where I like to be.”

The bakery’s location is conducive to students, families, workers, and travelers. Even though SoDough receives a great deal of customers at any given time, parking is plentiful.

Unlike most other local bakeries, SoDough Baking Co. offers cuban pastries and strata, which are huge customer favorites. Customers also rave about the strawberry lavender donut.

SoDough's baked treats on display | Photo credit: Asia Irvin

Kirra Hambley, freshman at Florida State University, has been a dedicated employee at SoDough before the bakery’s grand opening.

“I started working here before we opened, learning how to make each dish and helping out when needed. This is one of my favorite jobs because I love interacting with the children and seeing them happy. I love working here.”

While SoDough has only been open for five months, it has managed to gain popularity and a large consumer base in the Tallahassee community due to great customer service and sensational baked goods.

This bakery is quickly becoming a town favorite and its affordable prices are encouraging many college students to try out the sweets and see what all the fuss is about.

The doughnuts range from basic flavors like powdered or strawberry cheesecake, all the way to more exotic flavors like cherry almond and café con leche. All doughnuts are sold for around $2.50.

SoDough Baking Co, can be found at 1306 Thomasville road. For more information on this new eatery call (850) 765 8991 or visit