Magda’s opens in College Town


Here to crush your cravings, Magda’s has set up shop and is ready to satisfy your sweet tooth. The new College Town eatery offers coffee, sweet treats and savory slices to make your taste buds happy.

Magda’s is affiliated with For The Table Hospitality. The group also owns Township, Madison Social, SoDough and Social Catering. Magda’s Sweet Shop opened last week on Madison Street next door to Centrale.

Magda’s is six years old, but a newbie to Tallahassee. It is the first location in Florida, but surely not the last.

With the hustle and bustle of students constantly on the go, Director of Marketing Shayna Lawler said there was a need for a quick grab-and-go for students.

“It was originally just another part of Centrale used for private events spaces and we didn’t see much traffic there, so we thought there’s a need for coffee and quick eating so let’s see if we can fill that need.”

This may be the only café in Tallahassee that let’s you start your day with an ice cream cone. It’s an Ice dream come true. To get that coffee boost, or the “I’m super late to class but Ice cream will make me feel better” feeling.

Florida State student and College Town resident Grace Fewell is excited for the new space, because she no longer has to drive to get ice cream or find a spot to hang out with her friends.

“Yeah, I’m super excited they built it it’s so cute and now my friends and I can meet there to do homework, because Vale and Brooklyn Water Bagel can fill up fast. Magda’s is the perfect little spot I think they did a great job choosing this location.”

The shop has a modernized retro vibe with sounds from hits of the 70s playlist, black and white tiled floors and neon pink LED lights. Madga’s décor echoes Miami art deco in a small intimate space.

Owner Matt Thompson,  who is also a professor at Florida State University, says the concept was inspired by the show “Something about Mary.”

 “The grandmother in the show was named Magda, and when we were describing the décor it seemed like something from her house,” he said.

The menu also includes more traditional fare like Caesar wraps, pizza by the slice and featured items from SoDough bakery as well as banana bread pudding.

The store is fully staffed with 12 team members, each being a college student Andrew wanted to give college students a fun and easy place to work.

“We have all student staff, to give students a work place that is flexible with their school hours.”

 That’s not even the coolest part, each staff member gets to sport a pink and teal baseball tee, with the Magda’s logo on the right pocket! And go home smelling like fresh waffle cones.

Magda’s is a new small business a treat for the eye and your taste buds.