“From The Mississippi Delta” is coming to the FAMU Essential Theatre

Photo credit: Theatre Department at FAMU

All aboard! Florida A&M University Essential Theatre is going overseas!  Ten lucky students will have the opportunity to perform in Scotland, but before they can show the world their talent, the theatre department is gearing up to showcase “From The Mississippi Delta”, written by Endesha Ida Mae and directed by Andrea Small at Florida A&M University.

The touching, yet humorous play depicts the life of Endesha Mae Holland, a prostitute turned professor. The play will take viewers through the young girl’s journey from the mundane back roads of Greenwood, Mississippi to the lofty ivory halls of academia.  

Kimberly Harding, associate professor of theatre and director of marketing, said she enjoys seeing her students bring what they have learned about history and culture to life

“The most rewarding part as any professor would be to see the students learn in the process. They learn a lot about life and not just their craft of acting, ” Harding said.

Due to the youth of this generation, Harding continued to explain the importance of implementing historical events and societal issues in the play.

“When you work with plays, it deals with humanity. It has a lot to do with what happens in real life.  They are introduced to things that they’ve never known, like the civil rights movement,” Harding said.

This play is catered to not just students but to the community at large.  

FAMU theatre’s last voyage across seas was in the 1960s, under S. Randolph Edmonds. He took a group of students to Africa, where they performed “Madea”. This year, students will be given the chance to perform abroad for 11 days.

One of the actors, Sarah Lubin, a senior theatre major,  will get the chance to travel for the first time because of this opportunity.

“I’ve never been out of the country. I look forward to seeing the people and the cultures,” Lubin said.  

Valencia Matthews, dean of the college of theatre, said the play is an inspiring peace with the ability to transform lives and is looking forward to the stories.

“The one thing I always look forward to is the show. It allows individuals to see the students hard work.”

“From The Mississippi Delta” will be showcased in March 28 – April 1, 2018, in the Charles Winter Wood Theatre.

For more information about the upcoming play visit www. Famu.edu/essentialtheatre.