Still no answers in Langford’s fatal shooting


Relatives and friends of FAMU student Quinton Langford continue to seek justice after more than a year.

Langford was shot and killed on Oct. 22, 2016 during homecoming weekend. Langford and his friend Landsey Ellison were gunned down after a late-night party near campus. Ellison, gravely injured, survived.

Langford had worked hard to get from Plant city to FAMU to pursue a career as a mechanical engineer. He was well liked by everyone and made anyone feel welcomed.

He rose as a student leader quickly and became president of the engineering school’s chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America.

Some students are still mourning the loss and say things are not the same.

Mr. Florida A&M University Jordan Sealey says he “misses White Boy Q’s energy. He had the ability to brighten any room and anyone’s day. I’ve come to terms with the person that shot him because at the end of the day I know the bullet wasn’t meant for him. The individual that shot him will reap in the end. We can’t get Quinton back but we can all live through anyone that he influenced positively.”

Surveillance video was taken from near the scene of the shooting which showed "a sedan-type vehicle — maybe a four-door vehicle — greenish in color,” as described by Tallahassee Police Department spokesman Officer David Northway. He has said the video showed a group of individuals leaving the area. Investigators believe that car is connected to the homicide.

Students say Langford’s shooting has changed the way they celebrate homecoming. Oriana Simone says she is now skeptical when attending parties outside of school.

“If something like this can happen to a good person like Quinton,” she said, “it can happen to anyone at any time. You never want to think like this but it happens. It’s scary.”

A small memorial has remained near the site where the 20- year-old was shot and killed.

The Big Bend Crime Stoppers is offering up to $8,000 for information leading to an arrest. Anyone can submit an anonymous tip by calling 850-574-tips.