Parkland students to rally for gun reform in Tallahassee

More than one hundred students and survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting will gather in Tallahassee this week to meet with legislators.

Their effort at the Capitol will take place one week after the shooting in Parkland that claimed 17 of their classmates and teachers. The students will travel to the Capitol for the gun reform rally taking place this week.

Nikolas Cruz, 19, has pleaded guilty for his involvement in the shooting in an attempt to avoid the death penalty. He is facing charges of 17 counts of premeditated murder.

 “This school shooting has really impacted me because it’s only an hour away from my house in Miramar,” said FAMU student Nyasha Baly. She continued, “To believe that a mentally distraught boy took the lives of 17 teenagers disgusts me.”

According to the former president of the Democratic Black Caucus, the community must join together to make a true difference. It should not take individuals losing their lives for Americans to realize that changes are needed.

“In order for us to have real change, I feel that the community needs to vote out the elected officials who do not support gun control. I personally hate that there are so many regulations on certain items like, lottery tickets etc., but there are fewer restrictions on guns,” said Kathryn Smith, former president of the Democratic Black Caucus.

After going through such significant trauma, grief counselors will be available to help the students as needed. The Democratic Black Caucus is raising money to help secure a location for the students to gather together. The students will arrive Tuesday to begin meeting with legislators.