The search continues for finance and administration to fill their position of associate vice president


The Division of Finance and Administration at Florida A&M University is currently searching and accepting applications for the position of associate vice president.

The search committee met on Tuesday, Feb 13, to finalize details centered around the interview process for job candidates.

The vacancy for the position has been posted on the university’s website since Jan. 22. In the eyes of Wanda L. Ford, acting vice-president and chief financial officer, the opening for this title has been too long. Ford’s desire to speed the search for a new VP will result in reducing the hiring process by an entire month.

Joyce Ingram, assistant vice-president of human resources and human resources diversity officer, announced a significant change in the timeline for the committee during the meeting.

“Vice-President Ford has a desire for us to expedite the search and we wanted to talk about how we could consolidate and cut out some time for the process.  Yet, without missing any critical milestones and steps to ensure we still have a compliant search.”

Ingram would only comment on the expectations she has for the individual they select to fulfill the position.

“This is our second meeting regarding the search for a critical position,” said Ingram. “This individual will be expected to lead the university’s efforts as it relates to public, private partnerships and procurement activities and other financial management related activities.”

Per the university’s job posting, some of the requirements for the applicant are to have in-depth knowledge in the areas in conducting financial analysis, fiscal management principles and practices, negotiation skills and knowledge of Board of Governor's rules/regulations/guidelines on public-private-partnership.

Throughout the meeting, it was stressed that whoever was to fill the role of VP had to know about public-private partnership (P3). A P3 is a contractual arrangement between a public agency (federal, state, or local) and a private sector entity and is essential when implementing the FAMU Rising 2017 to 2022 strategic plan.

The strategic plan consists of six strategic priorities which include implementing significant elements that contribute to student success such as recreational, residence and research facility enhancement and increasing diverse recruitment to the university.  

Between now and the next meeting, Ingram tasked the committee with rating current applications using a scoring chart that lists necessary criteria for the position. The maximum points a potential candidate can earn is 100.

At the meeting, interview questions, informational position documents, and the hiring timeline were finalized.

In the upcoming weeks, we can expect for the department to move forward with conducting on-campus interviews after the approval of Ford and the Board of Trustees in the beginning of March.

The next public committee meeting will be held Feb. 22 at 11 a.m. in the room 211 in Foote Hilyer Administration Center.

Individuals interested in this full-time position can use the link below to view other job specifications and apply.

To view the FAMU Rising strategic plan for 2017 through 2022 click the link below.