Black dollars expected to support ‘Black Panther’


 Marvel Studios is set to release its highly anticipated film “Black Panther” to major theaters around the country on Friday. Black Panther, an African superhero, is generating considerable attention since the first trailer was uploaded to YouTube last June.

The movie is projected to make $165 million its opening weekend, which would make it the studio’s sixth most successful film (Marvel’s “The Avengers” made over $207 million opening weekend).

Students, teachers –  people of all ages – are eagerly awaiting the chance to see this film. Excited fans are saying they will wear African attire to the theater while watching while others are bringing their students along with them to watch the film. With all the buzz the strategically released film is creating online and locally, it will be a surprise to see what Tallahassee’s theaters will look like during its premiere to the public. When asked if there would be new implementations placed in preparation for the film, management from Tallahassee theaters AMC Tallahassee 20 and Regal Governor’s Square 12 declined to comment.

Although it is a comic-based film, fans and casual moviegoers alike are talking about Black Panther.

“I hear it’s good so I’ll end up checking it out eventually,” said Keith Smelie at AMC Tallahassee 20.

“You can’t underestimate black dollars,” senior economics major Jacob Collins said. African Americans are the biggest capital spenders and cultural influencers in the United States, he added. Feeling a connection, many view “Black Panther” as a palette cleanser for black films, believing the majority of movies targeting black people are negative — movies about slavery, poverty, racism, etc.

 Many people believe having a black man in the spotlight as a superhero helps the representation black have in the media.

 Tallahassee locals will be waiting outside theater doors Thursday night as “Black Panther” comes to the screen. Critics have been very receptive to the film so far.