Ready to shoot your shot for Valentine’s Day?

We live in an age when millennials are accustomed to “shooting their shot.”

With the clock ticking on Valentine’s Day, expect plenty of shots to be cast on the highest of seven hills.

“Shooting your shot means stepping out of your comfort zone and trying your luck when it comes to the person you have had your eye on, particularly being vulnerable with them,” said Janay Green, a second semester nursing student at Florida A&M. 

Traditionally it has been known for males to shoot their shot with females. Kameron Gomez a first-year business administration student, took the initiative to pursue his current girlfriend of two years. He ays he had no problem doing things the traditional way.

“Traditionally, the male expressing his interest in a female is what’s normal. I had no problem shooting my shot when it came to my girlfriend because I was confident that she’s the only one I want to be with.”

As society progresses it appears the tables are turning. According to men at FAMU, successful relationships can also spark when women shoot their shot.

 “I feel like it shows a sign of confidence and I would feel more comfortable with a girl who can shoot their shot at me,” said Jordan Ulee, a first year, agribusiness student who is dating a young woman who approached him first.

Even if they were raised to believe men should take the initiative, some men still have no problem with women who wish to shoot their shot. Craig Mitchell says,

“I heard that back in the day the older people would say it’s a man’s job to always pursue the women.  That’s kind of what I was taught, but at the end of the day if a girl is aggressive enough to do it, who am I to stop her?

“I think it all just depends on the person, I feel like some girls have good motives like if they see a man that they really like who could be husband material, I think that’s okay but some girls shoot their shot with dudes who shoot their shot with everybody so its like what are you really looking for in a man at this point,” Mitchell added.

Other men agreed that it is not uncommon for women to shoot their shot first and due to the increase in women doing so, the stereotype that women can’t or shouldn’t should no longer exist.

Israel Chipman says he has experienced more women shooting their shot with him at FAMU than ever before.

“Some girls have the mindset of a dude, so that’s just them so you can’t really stereotype them if that’s what they are used to doing. It might be a problem for some but others might find it attractive.

“Some girls probably have been waiting on the guy to shoot their shot because they feel the connection… I have even seen the women propose to the man,” Chipman added.

There are not many objections to women shooting their shot from the male perspective. However, not all women embrace the idea that they should make the first move. 

“I don’t know if I really agree with girls shooting their shot because of male friends that I have who view women shooting their shot most times in a negative light. So, I feel like unless the chemistry is mutual, neither male or female should really take that step out,” said Green.

But if you’re feeling nervous about taking that first step, these FAMU students have you covered.

“Everybody has their awkward moments at first but one thing I can say about shooting your shot. You can shoot your shot but you might not always make it, just keep trying,” said Ulee.

“Don’t scare me, if you’re going to shoot your shot do it in a like incognito kind of way. Kind of beat around the bush like “do you want to go study” or “go to the library with me” try to be my friend Don’t be so aggressive like “I’m tryna talk to you” because then I’ll be like no,” said Chipman

“It takes a lot of confidence to shoot your shot, you have to be willing to take that L, getting denied rejected, embarrassed, humiliated… just be patient ladies all good things take time you don’t have to rush it,” said Mitchell.

“I’ve taken the first step before and it failed miserably, I would advise other girls to make sure he is feeling you the same way you are feeling him. Try to look for the signs, ask questions, and read between the lines when it comes to him so in the event that you do shoot your shot at least you all have an established understanding between each other,” Green said.