Images Modeling Troupe, Inc. host spring fashion show

Images Modeling Troupe, Inc. following the men's scene.  
Photo credit: Jaclyn Harold

Images Modeling Troupe, Incorporated (IMT) took the stage in the first ever Intramural Recreational field fashion show. Moments before the new models’ debut they frantically practiced as their family and friends awaited with flowers in hand.

Hughes of red and black with accents of white covered each model as they were running back and forth between curtains for the show, while the crowd waited outside of the tents at the Intramural Recreational Field.

As the first scene was about to start, only those who had purchased a VIP ticket moved in for an exclusive scene. There was a lot of anticipation in the faces of family members as they prepared themselves for the first viewing of the night.

When the lights dimmed, the crowd got quiet. Everyone’s attention landed on the stage as several models took the runway to open the first scene with nothing, but lingerie to “When We” by Tank played. Eyebrows raised in awe at how intimate the scene became and camera flashes lit up the tent from left to right as the models took turns striding down the runway.   

After the VIP scene closed, general admission guests filled in the rest of the seats in time for the next scene which was the opening for the rest of the show. Screams filled the tent as everyone came out for the scene “Diamonds are Forever.” Friends yelled the names of their friends as the models’ parents drew their cameras.

A wide variety of students and family followed the models into the themes of each scene.

The men’s scene encountered a few technical difficulties with the music in the beginning, but they continued with one of the three C’s that the troupe implements – composure.

 “This show is very good. The seating could be better, but the fashion is great and the models are displaying a lot of confidence,” said Briya Bennett, a Florida A&M University alumna, and IMT member. “It was unique to have it outside.”

Although the event dealt with some lag time in between scenes, host Brianna Harmon kept the crowd energized with city shout outs and her own rendition of an SWV song. With some of the delays in scene lineups, the event also hosted a mini fashion show for non-modeling troupe audience members.

Six scenes made up the sold-out show, with bold poses and glow in the dark fabrics. The troupe put their best foot forward for the show finale. The last model call brought the crowd to their feet as they cheered on each models’ hard work and performance.

“The show was amazing it had a lot of purposes. My favorite scene was the urban scene,” said Hakeem Randolph as he left the show tent after the final scene. There was so much flavor in the different types of clothing.”

“On behalf of the best modeling troupe on campus; the one that you all love, the ones that you all know, thank you for coming out,” said Princeton Studstill the vice president of IMT.