Decorum in the Chambers: Student senate meeting held Monday

Photo credit: Brianna Harmon

On Monday, the student senators met in the Florida A&M University Senate Chambers to address a total of fifteen requested bills, one confirmation, and a possible resignation. 

Senator Damarcus Snipes, a fourth year public relations student, came up during lobbying and speakers to address his possible resignation from the senate due to a vacancy for the position of King of Orange and Green becoming available on the Royal Court.

As the only other candidate for the position, Snipes would have the opportunity to take on the role and title. 

The Judicial Branch held an induction for one nominee under the Traffic Court department. Senior and health fitness and leisure student Monique Brazier was a nominee who came up for confirmation for the title.

Brazier was asked a series of questions on about her position and what her outline duties were according to the student body constitution. She received a favorable recommendation from the elections and appointments chair, Doney Eden and was successfully passed through the senate with a unanimously vote.

“I am elated to have obtained this position tonight and I am ready to serve to my fullest capacity,” Brazier said.  

The Presidential Ambassadors were first to take the stand for allocated funds with a request of $11,000 for outfits, badges, and other items for recruitment purposes. 

This is the third time they have requested funds, and it was finally passed after being tabled for further review.  When a topic is tabled, it does not necessarily mean that the issue is abandoned. Instead, it will be dealt with on a later term.

“It is not being striked out, only tabled, so senators can get proper information before dishing out funds,” Taylor Hall, a sophomore political science student said. 

In new business, the Venom Dancers asked for allocations for a pro dance convention in Atlanta, GA but were asked to come back next week for a second reading. 

Venom dancer Crishara Cade, a fourth year pre-occupational therapy student said, “Less opinions need to be said and more teamwork amongst the senate officers need to be made in making decisions and voicing opinions.  All in all, it was a learning experience.”

The meeting lasted for over four hours and junior broadcast journalism student Nya Ramirez said, 

“If you want a change to come across the campus you have to get involved with the Senate, that way you’ll have a voice and can help determine the best steps to take.”

“ I enjoyed the experience because it encouraged me to get involved,” said Ramirez.