New “#WriteonFAMU” plan set to implement more writing across all curriculum

Student writing an assignment in her Intro to Business
Systems course  | Photo credit: Sydne Vigille

The Florida A&M University Quality Enhancement plan (QEP) is introducing a new plan that will incorporate more writing across campus in all majors.  

FAMU’s QEP, “#WriteonFAMU” is a five-year plan that is a part of the The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC ) accreditation program requirement. The Plan seeks to create a culture in which students become actively engaged in their curriculum through writing proficiency.

Dr. Jennifer Collins, Assistant Dean of the School of Business and Industry and Director of the QEP, says that writing is an important skill that all students should be proficient in.

“Writing is a communication skill that we use to convey ideas, knowledge and information, said Collins. “No matter what field you go into, you need to know how to write.”

The framework for the plan is divided into 3 learning enhancement components to improve students' writing efficiencies:  student learning, faculty development and learning environment.

Workshops for Professors will begin over this summer and continue through the 2019 fall and spring  semesters. Professors will gain knowledge on how to provide proper feedback, ways to introduce informal access to writing skills in classes and incorporate digital technology.

The QEP will start with incoming freshmen in fall 2018, targeting the English department.

“We’ll start with ENC 1101, 1101 and SLS classes,” said Collins.  “Fall 2019 will be the start of sophomore level courses, improved writing courses and general education courses.”

Dr. Yakini Kemp, chair and professor of the department of English and Modern Languages, believes that the QEP will add some excitement to professors in other areas of studies where writing doesn’t hold much precedent.  

“Writing across the curriculum is a good focus for any University,” said Kemp.  “It can add new enthusiasm to some professors and give them other ways to impact and influence their students by adding new components to their courses,” Kemp continued.

Chloe Henderson, a sophomore Pre-Pharmacy student from Washington, DC believes that the new plan is necessary, especially for her field of study.

“My freshman year in ENC 1102 I did a lot of writing but it hasn’t been a main focus my sophomore year,” said Henderson.  “Writing is always a good skill to have and I think it could have a big impact on me as a pharmacy student.”

The QEP will get the go ahead for implementation after the site visit by the SACSCOC team in March. If it’s in good shape, then the QEP will start implementations.

“Our goal is for every student to leave FAMU with the ability to communicate effectively using their communication skills,” said Collins. “So, write on FAMU!"