Judicial branch holds emergency meeting

Supreme Court Justices and a few other members of SGA working with
the Justices from the College of Law discussing the revisions. 
| Photo credit: Albert Hayes 

The Judicial Branch of the Student Government Association at FAMU held an emergency meeting Thursday afternoon. Voting needed to happen on changes made to the Candidates Policies and Procedures.

Elections and Appointments Chairman Doney Eden made revisions to the document to ensure clarity when reading the document. “There was a lot of confusion when interpreting the documents.  We had to make the documents more concise and easy to understand without the extra confusion,” Eden said.

The revised documents did change significantly. The documents were revised to give further clarity for interpretation rather than changing the policies and procedures.

“The changes are sufficient and makes everything clear and concise in the election season, which is needed. The revisions are for clarification rather than actual changes to the Policies and Procedures,” said Associate Chief Justice Allan Small.

The revisions to the policies and procedures were needed to help eliminate future discrepancies during any election season.

“Personally I feel that the policies do need a slight revision for those that are not a part of the SGA so the regular student can readily understand the Policies and Procedures for themselves; especially if they do not have a prior understanding of the documents,” said Mr. FAMU, Jordan Sealy.

The revisions to the Candidates Policies and Procedures document received a unanimous approval.

The Electoral Commissioner had no response.