Recycling program aims to change habits


FAMU’s recycling program has recently changed its efforts to make the campus a more effective green school. Geraldine Ingram is the training and recycling specialist for FAMU.

 “The Department of Environmental Health and Safety is committed to promoting environmental stewardship and resource conservation among students, faculty and staff,” she said.

 The Environmental Health & Safety Department is in charge of the recycling program. Its goal is to make FAMU a no-waste campus. In February 2015, FAMU opened a recycling center on Gamble Street. Previously FAMU was forced to partner with the City of Tallahassee to collect materials.

  “This center allowed the university to expand its capability to recycle office paper, card board, aluminum cans, plastic bottles and printer cartridges. The recycling center is used to sort, bale, and temporarily store recyclable materials and provide a learning and working opportunity for FAMU students,” Ingram said.  

    With the recycling center FAMU is able to collect, sort and process recyclables with any third parties. Before the center opened many students weren’t aware that FAMU had a recycling program.

“After attending the recycling center unveiling, it motivated me to help my campus become a no waste campus,” Adriana Charles said. She has continued these efforts by receiving a waste bin for her dorm.

Recycling bins are available to all staff and students. The recycling program wants the student body to be more involved with their recycling methods.

“I wasn’t aware that FAMU had a recycling program,” Alexandra Hollins said, “but I would love to volunteer.”

 The program launched initiatives such as a recycling bin decorating competition, and game day recycling. FAMU participated in the RecycleMania, which is a competition to see what college campus can collect the most waste.

           “They collected a total of 1,140 pounds of waste and placing 13 out of 15.

“Both were a success and many students noticed the recycling bins which motivated them to recycle more,” Ingram said.

           FAMU also launched a REAL RATTLERS RECYCLE! program to motivate students to recycle. FAMU is aiming to keep the campus green and clean. They have daily and event recycling where students can volunteer while on campus.

    “In March of 2015 Florida A&M University expanded its recycling program by adding over 200 new recycling bins,” Ingram said. “These bins were added in office areas, assembly areas, dorms and building exteriors.”