FANG leadership program growing

Florida A&M University has begun a new leadership experience program.

After one year of this program’s existence, FAMU will soon begin accepting applications to be in the Beta Cohort of the Fang Leadership Academy.

FANG Leadership Academy is a student organization designed to foster servant leadership, critical thinking and motivate future leaders to action.

The academy, a leadership experience program, by Efferson Student Union and Activities that will engage students, staff and other departments throughout the campus to create the next group of FANG Leaders.

The FANG Leadership Academy will select up to 50 students in the spring of each year to participate in the yearlong program.

Monthly topics on various leadership areas and soft skills will be discussed in the b-weekly 90-minute sessions. Topics will range from “What Kind of Leader Are You?”  to ideas like “Leadership in Action.”

The FANG leadership academy challenges students to think outside of the box and to really think about who they are and what they want to achieve after graduating college.

Nancy Boyd, who is the advisor for the FANG Leadership Academy, says that they are trying to challenge students to really think about who they are as a person.

“If you ask a student on this campus what political party they are a part of, most would answer Democrat. But at FANG we ask the student why they are a Democrat and we ask them if their beliefs and values are really the same as the Democratic Party’s.”

FANG accepted 14 members last spring and it is expecting many more students to submit their resumes this spring to be part of the new excelling program on FAMU’s campus.

There will be an information table on The Set for the next three Fridays. The application will go live on Feb. 1.