Mobile fashion truck rolls into Tallahassee

Ribbon cutting ceremony
| Photo credit: Ashley N. Jackson 

After six months, a 16-passenger bus and $10,000 worth of renovations, Chelsea Collins and Manzura Ishanova figured the fashion world needed a twist – starting with a grand opening of their newest creation, Novus Racks.

The name means “new beginnings” in Latin. Collins and Ishanova talked about overcoming challenges in their past and how it played a big part in creating Novus Racks.

Onboard, women and men shoppers found everything from active, party, casual, business wear and accessories. The bus is decorated with hardwood floors, white fur curtains and a room where shoppers can try on merchandise.

The grand opening consisted of free food, a fashion show, shopping goodie bags for registered guests and a red ribbon cutting ceremony.

Collins, who is a Florida A&M University School of Journalism and Graphic Communication alumna, said she believes writing helped her prepare for Novus Rack's debut. 

“Writing is everything, it’s the way that you have to express so many different things,” Collins said. “It’s very important to be able to write, speak, and communicate your ideas and concepts in an understandable manner.”

Collins says that as an entrepreneur some expect you to build your company or business the traditional way but for her, that wasn’t the case.

“We are a mobile movement and we want to show people that just because you can’t do it the traditional way,  doesn’t  mean you can’t open a business and be an entrepreneur. There are so many ways that you can do that.”

Collins and Ishanova strive their business on having a well-rounded, diverse collection of clothing which will provide different customers with their needs.

“We want you to think of Novus racks for all platforms of your life, for any occasion that you are attending.”

Full view of the inside of Novus Racks
| Photo credit: Ashley N. Jackson 

Ishanova became interested in creating Novus Racks with Collins after becoming a mother and being in search of something to different to do that she could have fun with.

“I’m always passionate about new things and I loved to create things,” Ishanova said.

She spoke passionately about the movement that she and Collins hope to bring to all women and men.

“It’s like giving life or giving birth to something and that’s why we picked new beginnings.”

Sierra Wyatt was one of the many customers that stepped foot on the bus for the first time at the grand opening and says that it's different but she would definitely shop there again.

“I went in and tried on a dress and I loved it and I decided to walk out with it. I took off everything I had on and decided to wear this,” Wyatt said

Wyatt compared the experience to a regular shopping store and says that the feeling doesn’t change but actually is enhanced.

“You can shop like you’re in a regular shopping store and still try on your clothes and still get the experience. They had variety!”

Collins and Ishanova believe that Novus Racks will not only spread this unique shopping experience to all of Florida, but throughout the entire south of the United States as their business continues to grow.