Canvas Project connects with Tallahassee


Jordan (left) and Jimmy (right) holding a pair of sneakers at the Canvas Project Pop-Up Shop

Entrepreneur, Jimmy Sherwood and his Canvas Project team collaborated with the Tallahassee APB Store to host their first annual pop-up shop held on Jan. 19 through Jan. 21.

The APB Store has multiple locations including its Tallahassee location at 799 West Gaines Street in building 117. There is an additional Florida location in Jacksonville while South Carolina has stores in Columbia, Charleston and Greenville.

During his two years in Tallahassee, the Pittsburgh native has spent his time customizing shoes. His custom Air Jordan 1 was considered the highlight of the pop-up shop.

“The shoe allowed us to show our artistic ability and not only just change the colors of the traditional shoe, but showcase how and why the colors related to APB as a brand, it also showcases the style of work we consistently do,” Sherwood said.

The Air Jordan 1 was created as a collaborative tribute to the APB Store for menswear, immersed in canvas style with a classic black, white, and silver trim.

The shoe also consists of a blue turquoise heel, a light salmon toe box, a handcrafted black Air Jordan logo on the top right region of the shoe, and a stamped silver APB logo on the back.

Sherwood said the inspiration for the shoe came from a combination of elements found in the APB Store such as its logo, the color of the bags the store’s carrier bags, as well as the color of any classic or original Jordan.

“A lot of my artwork is similar to my personality in regards to how I pay attention to details, paying attention to details is what allows me to be creative with various projects and find good ways to convert them into artwork,” Sherwood said.

Over 25 items created by Canvas Project artist were on display such as customized wallets, paintings, and coffee cups. The artist were also available to answer questions about their pieces and future projects.

Jordan McNear, a Canvas Project artist, emphasized the importance of connecting face to face with customers.

"As a brand, we look to connect with customers at the pop-up shop. I received feedback about the artwork we produce, as well as met other artist that we can possibly collaborate with in the future,” McNear said.

Jordan is holding a pair of sneakers at the Canvas Project Pop-Up Shop 

Canvas Shop artistically took over, transforming the boutique into a urban style pop-up with limited t-shirts, elegant displays of shoes and painting, and casual music.

Amari Williams is a senior in the School of Business and Industry at Florida A&M University who enjoys buying sneakers. Williams said that he did not have intentions on spending money but was intrigued by the crowd inside of the APB Store.

"I walked out of Jimmy John’s and on my way to my car I noticed a crowd inside of APB,” Williams said. “I had no plans on spending money, but I purchased a shirt and I may look into getting a pair of shoes customized by Canvas Project.”

Sherwood expressed gratitude for the amount of people who came to the pop-up shop over the course of three days. He said that the turnout of the pop-up shop was great and the opportunity was a learning experience.

"It was a great pop-up shop,” Sherwood said. “We got a lot of footage and pictures, we networked with all the guest, and look to use everything from this weekend as a learning experience for what type of things we can approve on in the future.”

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