Robinson addresses Faculty Senate during first meeting of 2018

President Robinson addresses Faculty Senate with hopeful remarks
| Photo credit: Kiah Lewis 

Two days before his expected confirmation as Florida A&M’s 12th permanent president, Larry Robinson told the university’s Faculty Senate on Tuesday that FAMU is headed in the right direction.

Robinson informed senators he had been meeting with Marshall Criser, chancellor of the State University System, along with the chair of the Board of Governors, the body that oversees Florida’s 12 public universities. BOG is meeting in Tallahassee later this week, and Robinson’s confirmation is on its agenda for Thursday.

“The board approved my 10 goals for the future of FAMU,” said Robinson. “We’re all working together to ensure that we are successful from administrators, faculty and staff.”

Robinson also met with BOG about the importance of student housing and developing a plan.

“I’ve really been excited about what’s going on in the world of politics with our alumni,” said Robinson. “Four mayors elected around the country were FAMU alumni and I had the privilege of attending their inaugural events.”

Robinson emphasized that these successes are the measurement of what FAMU can do for the community and the country.

“A graduate of the School of Journalism and Graphic Communication, Kim Godwin was appointed VP of News for CBS News,” said Robinson. “These successes show that faculty are doing a wonderful job. You have so much to brag about.”

Faculty Senate President Bettye Grable, a tenured professor in SJGC, echoed Robinson’s remarks.  

“Everything we do has an impact on students moving forward towards graduation which ultimately impacts our performance metrics,” said Grable.

Many Faculty Senators were present at the first meeting of 2018
| Photo credit: Aldernico Brioche

Michael Burriello gave updates on mechanical systems in FAMU buildings with an extensive list of repairs for building infrastructure.

Some senators, including Roscoe Hightower, Jr., had concerns about the buildings and their sustainability. 

"We have to build these building so they can sustain themselves,” said Hightower. "The focus needs to be placed on designing these building as best as possible.”

Robinson responded that FAMU is pretty high on BOG’s priority list when it comes to the services to prevent these issues.

“We have to push the need to get infrastructure support money and the Board of Governors are fully behind it,” said Robinson.

Grable noted that not all FAMU presidents have been as available to the Faculty Senate as Robinson has been during the past 16 months, when he succeeded Elmira Mangum in September 2016. Robinson went from interim to permanent president at the end of November.

“We have the concerns mentioned by faculty being directly addressed by our leadership. This is why the Faculty Senate exists,” said Grable. “Mr. President, we thank you for being here.”