FAMU: Plenty of parking at stadium

  Architectural drawing of future Center for Access and Student Success building

Finding a parking spot may be more difficult on the campus of Florida A&M University, but the reward will be greater in the end.

Designs have been drawn and ground broken on FAMU’s new undertaking; 2019 will be the year that FAMU students and administration will see the results of their labor and at times persistent inconvenience, with the opening of the Center for Access and Student Success.

Parking can be a bit of a nuisance for some who live off campus. Students often have to arrive at school earlier just to ensure a decent parking spot. Kimani Jackson a freshman music performance major at FAMU, can see why students are upset about the closure of the Gibbs Hall and Gaither Gym parking lots.

“One of my friends ended up being late for class even after leaving early due to searching for a parking spot. It just isn’t fair,” said Jackson.

Although students may be having trouble with parking, William Hudson, Vice President of Student Affairs, provides an option for student parking — though it may not be appealing to some members of the student body.

“The stadium has ample parking for everyone, no one wants to use it, but the stadium has ample parking,” said Hudson.

Hudson continued, stating that the university’s efforts to solve parking issues with the reopening of the third floor of the parking garage.

There is no doubt that the student body concern for parking is valid. Yet the focus of the students could be deterred from the benefits that the Center for Access and Student Services will provide.

“You will have your Health Center, you will have a police substation, student accounts, financial aid, admissions office, academic advisors, career center, counseling center, scholarship office and veteran’s affairs,” listed Hudson.

The list of services is extensive and quite timely. With the constant flow of new students needing assistance, it provides a permanent “One Stop Shop.” This should keep students from exerting themselves traveling around campus for things that may concern them.

Parking woes may not lessen the value the CASS will have, even now in its early stages of construction there are some students who aren’t totally outraged.

Javaris Williams a full-time transfer student at FAMU ,sees the need for a center such as this one.

“I actually think it is valuable to move everything from Foote Hilyer to the center of campus operations,” said Williams.

Until more parking is allotted for students, Rattlers must endure the slight inconveniences. Surely there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

You can look for the completion of the Center for Access and Student Success in the Fall of 2019, with the approval of more funding from the state Legislature, which is now in session until March 9.