Who wants to go to class when it’s this cold?

Photo credit: monroecountyem.com


Earlier this month it snowed in Tallahassee for the first time since 1989. Schools and universities were closed for the rare event but were reopened the following day when it became a little warmer.

This past week the temperatures in Tallahassee have reached the lower 20s and some students were not quite ready for the weather change.

The unexpected cold weather has influenced some students to wear extra layers of clothes to avoid the cold and has discouraged others from leaving their homes.

Akeemia Jarvis, a freshman at Tallahassee Community College, was not excited about the current cold weather. “I have been trying to keep warm with only a jacket, but I was definitely not expecting it to be this cold,” said Jarvis. “This cold weather makes me not want to go to class.”

Students who wear more clothes in order to keep warm usually go to class and have to peel off layers of clothing when they get inside heated classrooms.

Kiana Reaves, a Miami native and sophomore at Florida A&M University, feels like the cold weather is a nuisance. “I hate it. I mean it’s different from Miami and it’s a big change,” said Reaves. “I always thought I would like it, but it’s just too different for me. It is too cold.”

Reaves agreed with Jarvis that the weather has made it discouraging to go to class, however, she still goes. “I still go because I won’t let something as minor as the weather affect my grades,” said Reaves.

Cynnamon Blash, a junior at FAMU, is not upset about the weather conditions, but is rather hopeful. “I hope it snows because I have never seen it before.”

Blash also said, “Although I’ve been layering my clothes, I like the cold weather because it is a different experience from what I am used to. The weather has been enjoyable for me, but I would also like for it to end soon and become warm.”

According to the Apple Weather App, it is expected to be warmer in Tallahassee next week.