If your phone wakes you up in the morning, it may be also keeping you up at night

Setting your alarm and sleeping with your phone sounds like a good idea, right?  Not until you wake up with severe back pain from mistakenly sleeping on your phone like student Kiana Williams, who says she commonly awakes to severe back pain from sleeping with her cellphone. “I wake up and realize I can’t find my phone and then I feel the pain in my back,” she said.

We live in a world today where we are locked into our phones 24/7 and when we don’t have it, it feels like something is missing. The obsession has become so addictive that we even go as far as sleeping with it. Bria Hunt, a mom of four in Tallahassee says that sleeping with her phone has led to an inability to sleep and she finds herself waking up several times each night. “Sometimes I hear an alert go off on my phone and I wake up thinking its noise from the kids. I know it affects my sleep but I feel like I need my phone near me at all times.”

A recent study done by The World Health Organization has shown that not only does sleeping with your cell phone disturb your sleep but electronic devices in general are not good for the body and can infuse the body with toxins that may cause cancer.  People exposed to mobile radiation take longer to fall asleep and spend less time in deep sleep, according to the study In fact, there have also been many cases of people burning their face and body due to subsequent fire inside their phone. Even when we are not using it, it still communicates with base stations by radio transmissions.  Experts recommend that the cell phone should be at least three feet away from the body during sleeping hours.

 That’s right. It’s time to start saying goodnight to your phone.