MLK Festival inspires the community to Dare to Dream

 Handcrafted dream board reminding the community to "Dare to Dream"
at this year's festival. | Photo credit: Joy Williams 

Through a weekend of service and honoring the life and legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, the Tallahassee community kicked off his special birthday on a joyous occasion.

The Martin Luther King Dare to Dream Association, Inc. held its 6th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr., Dare to Dream Festival on Monday at Cascades Park inspiring the community to live out their dreams.

Public Relations Coordinator of the MLK Jr. Dare to Dream Festival, Joy Williams expresses the importance of the festival to the community.

“The Dare to Dream festival is a great event to inspire everyone to follow their own dreams just as Martin Luther King Jr did,” said Williams.

With this year’s theme advocating the community to dream, a handcrafted dream board was showcased at the festival to get the community to write out their own dreams. Through the dream board, thousands of residents will be able to revisit their dreams at next year’s festival to see the progress they have made within a year.

As the community came out to commemorate the life of MLK Jr and inspire to dream, people of all ages were able to enjoy numerous activities at the festival.

There were several food vendors, bounce houses and face painters available for children to experience. Also, performances by various artists including Motown artist Royce Lovett, six-time Grammy nominated artist The Mad Violinist, and other cultural singers took the stage to showcase their talents.

Motown Artist, Royce Lovett performing his song "Up For Love" at
the MLK festival. | Photo credit: Cierra Richardson

First-time singer and performer of the festival and a native of Tallahassee, Royce Lovett spoke with passion about how MLK day resonates with his life.

“Being asked to perform in your hometown for something is always tremendous when people think of you, especially when it’s a Martin Luther King Jr Festival. I believe in my community, I believe in my people and I am very encouraged by what he stood for in fighting for equality and freedom,” said Lovett.

With a variety of entertainment and music to enjoy, chairman of the MLK Dare to Dream Association, Inc., and president of the Haggai Construction and Development Inc., Kenneth Taite, talked about his favorite part of the festival and what he hopes for the Tallahassee community to take away.

“My favorite part of this festival is the music and entertainment. We always strive to have a great line-up and work hard to bring the best of Tallahassee and bring local entertainment as well,” said Taite.

Erica Brown, a nursing student at FAMU, also highlighted her favorite part of this year’s festival and the importance of Dr. MLK Jr.

“I love to learn more about the community and it is important to celebrate his life to show the diversity and see far we have come since his famous I Have A Dream speech,” said Brown.

To continue to honor the legacy of MLK Jr, Royce Lovett hopes for Tallahassee residents to continue to live out the dream starting with the community.

“Get in your communities, be a leader. Also, be proud of Tallahassee, be proud of FAMU and be proud of FSU and TCC and let’s do something big together,” said Lovett.