“Don’t price these folks out of their neighborhoods!”

Many issues, such as safety, busy roads and gentrification, have come out of the Airport Gateway plans.

The proposed Airport Gateway project is expected to make some changes to the Providence community, but the community and local leaders are not supportive of the project.

The project is a plan to build a road — or a gateway — that makes it easier for those who wish to travel to the airport. Florida State University is bringing money to the table  —  $9 million to be exact.  With its money comes plans of a new road to help students from FSU’s southwest campus get to the main campus.  But all these changes are making the community and community leaders uneasy.



According to the objective of the project, it will bring improvements along Lake Bradford Road and complement the nearby Gaines Street redevelopment and support further redevelopment by creating an aesthetically pleasing and safe pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular infrastructure within walking distance to FSU, FAMU, and Gaines Street.

Several public meetings have taken place to hear the community's concerns. Due to the large amount of concerns, Comissioners voted to reschedule the public hearing vote on the project until March 1, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.