SGA President Justin Bruno resigns

photo credit: Florida A&M University
SGA President Justin Bruno

Florida A&M's Student Government Association President Justin Bruno has resigned as president of the student body, effective immediately.

In a letter addressed to the student body on Nov. 28, Bruno states reasoning for resignation due to disruptive influences and dysfunction within student government."

“It has been unusually and bafflingly difficult given the disruptive influences that thrive from increased polarization and ideological rigidity that leads to dysfunction, disorder and chaos,” said Bruno. 

This news came after the 47th Student Senate moved and carried a motion with 21 for, zero against and two  abstentions vote to begin the impeachment proceeding of the SGA President Justin Bruno on Nov. 20. 

According to the Senate memorandum written by Elections and Appointments Chair, Doney Eden, the infractions for his impeachment include misfeasance in representing the Student Body at important functions on or off the university campus in person or through an appointed representative, not complying with legislative orders for a job audit and not completing office hours as well as other articles listed in the memorandum sent.

Senate President Rakeem Ford issued no comment on the matter.

In an email issued to the student body, Interim President Larry Robinson  sent well wishes to Justin Bruno. 

“Justin Bruno has been a talented and knowledgeable contributor to the FAMU community and Board of Trustees. We appreciate his support and service and wish him the best as he continues his education at FAMU,” said Robinson.

SGA Vice President Devin Harrison said he believed Bruno did what was best for him.

“As a brother, I’ve encouraged him to do what’s best for him and he did just that. It’s very difficult for him to walk away from something, but it's best for him and his mental health.”

Harrison is hopeful for the future of this administration that this change will help encourage unity within SGA.

“Everything is moving forward in one task, I don’t think our administration has missed a beat,” said Harrison. "It doesn’t stop what we’re doing as a unit, hopefully this will bring SGA together even more, I’m excited for that.”

Vice President Devin Harrison will succeed Bruno immediately as president and represent the student body on FAMU’s Board of Trustees. Once sworn in as president, Harrison will appoint the vice president subject to the Student Senate’s approval.

While this story is just unfolding, more details will be forthcoming.