Home is where the heart is

Thanksgiving decorations in the top cafe | Photo credit: Isis Climes 

During the season of Thanksgiving, being surrounded by family is a normalcy.  For students living on campus, finding transportation back home to celebrate with their family is not an easy task.  This and other setbacks such as holding a job will force some Florida A&M students to stay on campus during the holiday.

Ticket prices are sky high for students looking for rides on the Greyhound and Red Coach.  For those not burdened with looking for a ride, they are still being kept on campus because of their job.

Third year education major Wilayshia Bradwell will not be able to celebrate the holiday with her family because she has to work.  Though Bradwell is a local, she will not be at home this Thanksgiving due to having to work this holiday at Payless.  Bradwell is not upset at the outcome of the situation since she knows she will be able to spend time with her family the holiday after Thanksgiving.

“I will be working Thanksgiving.  I am not upset about leaving for Thanksgiving considering Christmas break is around the corner.”

With students staying on campus, residential halls will be open and continue to function as normal.  Resident assistants across campus will be staying this Thanksgiving to help meet the needs of those occupying spaces over the break.

Third year healthcare management major Nevine Chokrane and fourth year political science major Kailah Ruffen are two RA’s that will be staying this break to make sure that their residents who are staying at Phase 3 and Palmetto South (respectively) feel at home this season.

This will be both Chokrane’s and Ruffen’s first time spending Thanksgiving away from home.  Chokrane and Ruffen are used to celebrating with their families during this season, and when their family members heard the news that they won’t be able to come back for the holiday it upset them.

“My reasons for staying is my job,” Chokrane said.  “Last year I went home and we had a big dinner… My mom is unhappy about me staying.”

Ruffen’s family members took the news hard as well.

“Usually I celebrate with my family with food and a good time… I told my grandmother I wouldn’t make it home, and it was tough for her. I know she will miss me as will other family members but I’ll be ok.”

For their residents, the RA’s are preparing events for them to feel at home.

Chokrane and her coworkers are planning a Thanksgiving dinner for their residents.  Ruffen and her coworkers will be putting on an event for their residents but are still figuring out the exact details.

“I will do something for other residents to make them feel at home,” Ruffen said.

Whilst staying on campus, Chokrane and Ruffen continue to give thanks.

“I am thankful for my family, friends, and my life,” Chokrane said.

“I’m thankful for life my family, friends, and the opportunities I’ve had that others haven’t had thus far such as being in college,” Ruffen commented.

Tripp Goodwin, Metz Operations Director | Photo credit: Isis Climes

Metz workers will be in the holiday spirit as well.  The few that are staying will be working in the top café preparing a traditional meal for residing students.

“Full on traditional Thanksgiving meal with carved turkey, stuffing, potatoes, pecan pie, sweet potato, etc.” said Tripp Goodwin, Metz Operations Director.

The top café brunch service will be switching up their regular menu items and adding Thanksgiving meals such as turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, macaroni, and other items.

 “Obviously we all want to be with our families over the holidays and seasons, you know, that being said, you know, we’re also here for the kids that can’t go home.  So I have no problem coming in and smiling and being happy with everybody else and making sure that their holiday experience is going to be the same as mine,” said Goodwin.

On this Thanksgiving, if you can’t be with your family, then love the FAMUly you’re with.