Various cultures display talents in a friendly competition

Florida State University’s Caribbean Student Association hosted a friendly competition Oct. 30 showcasing performances based from the Caribbean, Africa and the Americas that were represented by FSU and Florida A&M University students.

CSA, along with other organizations such as FAMU and FSU’s conjoined African Student Association, displayed the cultural aspects through dance, song, poetry and friendly banter that occurred in-between performances. There were eight acts who performed with the crowd’s top three acts announced and given small prizes.

“I wasn't exactly sure what the event was supposed to focus on, but they had great energy and most of the performances were fairly well done,” said computer science student Elsie Adu from FSU.

Even during the intermission and the brief breaks between performances, the performers and the audience members danced and sang along to the music the event’s DJ played through the speakers.

Adu said that her, “…favorite part of the show was any segment that had dancing, whether it be intermission or the crowd being excited with the songs playing. Although I don't dance much I enjoy seeing others have a great time.”

The winning act was FSU student Ashley Rosado who represented Puerto Rico. She presented a poem titled “A Letter to Donald Trump from Puerto Rico.” The poem told of the devastations caused by Hurricane Maria that left Puerto Rico damaged and the response President Trump gave the people of the island.

Rosado repeated “We’re sorry for…” and “Excuse us for…” throughout her piece in “apology” for Puerto Rico’s needs such as running water and food. Her piece received snaps and claps from the audience and at the end, a standing ovation was given to the poetess.

ASA dance coordinator and FAMU student Arianna Rambaram was not strict on the competitive part of the event. Before the show, she said that, “We could win with the choreography (we have) but (winning) is not a huge issue.”

The dance group earned second place in the event and took a photo with FSU’s CSA president.

ASA is set to perform in a showcase in part of the Haitian Cultural Club’s weeklong event. The showcase will be held on Nov. 17.