Halloween Howl brings out witches, gouls and princesses

Halloween Howl at the Tallahassee Museum took place on Oct. 27-28. It was attended by families throughout Leon County | Photo by Brittany Jarret



Only on a night like this it is easy to find all kinds of bats, villains, witches, super heroes, and princesses roaming the same fields of the Tallahassee Museum during Halloween. Tallahassee's Halloween Howl event took place from Oct. 27-28.

This all-ages event consisted of horror trails, carnival games, trick or treating, contests and live performances for everyone to enjoy. First-timers were excited to attend and the regulars were just as excited to be back.

"I think it was a really fun event for my son for his first Halloween," Casey Kerr said.

He attended the event with his wife and 1-year-old son. Kerr had nothing but great things to say. He is sold on choosing Halloween Howl for his son every year.

The spooky trail for the older crowd had a wait time of two hours which goes to show how many people anticipated walking through such terror. The trail is so popular that people stand outside in the freezing cold for this long just to get taunted by terrifying clowns, beasts with chainsaws, zombies, and more. 

This shows how realistic and creative the staff of Halloween Howl gets. It resembles how passionate they are about their role within the community.

"It’s a good time for people to come out and have some fun on Halloween. We have some stuff for kids and adults so it's a fun time for everyone. I think it's good to bring people together like this," says Dakota Miller, who spent his time servicing the event's guests on behalf of the Museum.


Miller is absolutely right! Having this event open to the public is extremely beneficial to the community. It allows people who don’t live in spirited neighborhoods a place to dress up and trick-or-treat. It keeps children from attending unsafe areas and getting into serious trouble.

Halloween Howl allows you to bond with family and friends which is something the event coordinators hold dear to their heart.

Jonathan Doster, gift shop employee, said, "This is my first year working in the Halloween Howl here at the Tallahassee Museum. It’s a really fun event, a family friendly event. There's something for everyone from little children to like, you know, big kids that are heavy duty thrill seekers so it's a really fun time for everyone to enjoy, I'm really excited to be a part of it."