Florida State still winless at home

Florida State University’s head coach Jimbo Fisher has a verbal altercation with a fan | Photo credit: Ramos, USA today

After a devastating 28-31 loss at home to the University of Louisville on Saturday, the Florida State University Seminoles (FSU), previously known for finding ways to end the game with a win, are now finding ways to end them with a loss.

When it comes to winning games, FSU’s defense has not been a problem on the road. However, with two winless home games at Doak Campbell Stadium, fans are still waiting for that same defense to show up at home.

Similar to their previous home game, the defensive stop in the red zone never came, and FSU fans left feeling robbed of another home win.

With two minutes and five seconds left on the game clock, Louisville maintained possession of the ball. Heisman-winning starting quarterback, Lamar Jackson, eager to get his offense down the field with a chance to score, picked up numerous yards to put his team in position for a 34-yard field goal kick that ultimately won the game for the Cardinals.

Louisville kicker, Blanton Creque, gave cheerful remarks after the team’s fifth win on the season, advancing them to 5-3.

“I’m just happy man. I just love winning,” Creque said. “We needed that win [badly] for the team and for this university. We’ve had a rough week.”

He went on to admit that this was his first time executing a game-winning kick.

“[I’ve] never experienced anything like that, but I just try to treat it like every other kick. Just watching the ball go through and celebrating with my teammates was awesome,” Creque concluded.

After the loss, one particular fan shouted, “New coaches, new coaches,” as FSU head coach, Jimbo Fisher, exited the stadium.

This taunting sparked an out-of character rebuttal from Fisher: “Bring your a** down here and say that to my face,” said the head coach.

Fisher later stated in the press conference after the game that he was doing nothing but simply sticking up for his players.

“There’s no frustration in me. Support… there’s no reason to be nasty. I shouldn’t have said [anything], but at the same time, I am defending players and people you are with,” Fisher said. “Are you going to be a real fan or not? What if that was your kid?”

The loss dropped the Seminoles overall record to 2-4 for the first time since 2009, and they are now sitting at 2-3 in the ACC conference.

“Both sides of the ball have to either get a stop or make the drive at the right time,” Fisher said.

Junior safety, Derwin James, did not get a chance to play in last year’s game against Louisville due to a knee injury,  they were defeated 63-20.

Derwin stated in the post-game conference that the Seminoles were well aware of Jackson’s threat to the team.

“Everybody knows Jackson is one of the most dominant players in the country,” James added. “[He’s] versatile. He can beat you with his legs; he can beat you with his arms. You know, you can’t make [any] mistakes.”

There is no question that FSU’s defense has not shown up in key pivotal moments.

“It’s just a disappointment because we’re coming up just this short,” James said.

Jackson had a game high of 178 yards with 23 carries and one rushing touchdown. The star quarterback gave his thoughts after the game.

“I was mad. I was getting ticked off because our offense should have scored, but we didn’t execute, so I was starting to get ticked off because we needed the ball back,” Lamar stated.

“That win was very huge; we needed that to boost our momentum going into next week. We played a great game. Our offense did a great job, and hats off to our defense. They did a hell of a job,” he added.

Though ecstatic about the road victory, Bobby Petrino, Louisville head coach, claimed the team ran the ball more than he usually likes to.

“You know how much I like to throw the ball,” Petrino said. “I like throwing the ball. I like the passing game. I felt like we could do that, but I thought the best way to win this game is to really run the ball at them. Try to wear them out, and we could get some big runs.”

Though the situation is looking bleak at FSU, one player who seems to be showing some consistency is junior wide receiver, Auden Tate. Tate is the only player in the country to catch a touchdown in every game this season.

The receiver has a total of five touchdowns and looks to tie the record next week at six as FSU takes on Boston College at the Alumni Stadium in Boston. Tate is also just one game shy of the longest streak to open a season.

With Tate and other potential hidden weapons at FSU, Fisher does not want fans to give up on the team.

“Just keep fighting with us. We aren’t quitting on you. Please don’t quit on us. We’re going to keep fighting, scratching, coaching and playing, and you see the heart and desire of those kids,” he pleaded.