Declaring the throne

Tis the season to be elected into office at Florida A&M University. The anticipation was high in the Grand Ballroom on Sunday, for the Declaration of Candidacy. This was a candidate's attempt to convince the student body one last time to gain final votes before they cast their ballots.

Running mates were given one minute to present a speech to the student body explaining why they should be chosen for office. Candidates will be completing for over eight positions, both major and minor, including Mr. and Miss. Orange and Green, and for the chance to be  the next king and queen of the hill.

Deja Glover, a junior sociology major and contestant for 2017-2018 Miss Orange and Green believes if she is chosen, she will revive the spirit of FAMU.

“From my freshman year till now, people aren’t as active, people aren’t as willing to come out to games, events, you know… anything. So I feel like as queen of orange and green, I have things to offer at FAMU.”

Attendees that were still undecided about voting were able to not only listen to speeches and key platform points that focused on enhancing Florida A&M, but also meet the candidates face-to-face. Students like Aliyah Vanduynu, a senior social work major at FAMU, is seeking to elect someone that can be effective to the growth of the university.

“Especially with all the mess that the Student Government Association has gone through in the previous academic year, it’s really time for them to step up and prove what SGA is all about,” said Vanduynu.

Aja Evans, a first year pre-nursing student was excited to see everyone, but most importantly, as a voter, she is looking forward to vote for someone that will stand by their word.

“People that are willing to go talk to people…nice, kind spirited, that are really doing it for FAMU because they love our school and they generally care.”

Meanwhile, other students were in attendance to support their chosen candidate.  

It was Jessie Louis’, a sophomore biology pre-med student at FAMU, first time at a declaration. She was excited to come out and cheer on her friends. Louis hopes that students will get involved in student elections to better prepare them for the United States’ general election.

“It prepares you for how it’s kinda going to look when we get to the outside world, when we have to vote for presidents, senators and mayors,” said Louis.

Voting is set to begin Tuesday, April 4, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.   For more information about student elections, visit the Office of Student Activities.


The following positions candidates are running for are:


Electoral Commissioner

Erin Fallen

Mikail Tim


Student Government Association President and Vice President

Marquise McMiller and William Gardner

Justin Bruno and Devin Harrison

Dajuh Sawyer and Bryon Carter


Sophomore Class President

Rebekah Hawkins

Darrell Smith


Sophomore Attendant

Sierra Beard

Jaelynn Ballard

Kyra Freeman


Junior Senator

Jaelen Jackson

Payge Williams

Asia Strong

Doney Eden

Briana Osborn

Taylor Young

Kenidee Webster

Hasani Myers


Senior Attendant

Serenity Roscoe

Shay Simon


King of Orange and Green

Damarcus Snipes

Bryton Legree


Queen of orange and Green

Deja Glover

JaKela London

Chelsea Maloney



Jordan Sealey

Princeton Studstill

Osbee Sampson II


Miss. FAMU

Brianna Harmon

Michelle Johnson

Caitlyn Davis