Student election concerns voiced at Senate on the Run

The Florida A&M University Appointments Committee held an event Monday to address campus-wide concerns regarding the Spring 2017 elections. “Senate On The Run: Election Edition” took place in the Senate Chambers at 5 p.m.


Eager and concerned students questioned the stance of the Spring 2017 elections due to multiple, previous delays. The elections have been postponed twice already, which makes them two months behind what is traditionally known as “Campaign Season.”


The original elections were set to be held on January 30, and for the second time on February 27.

Miscommunication between branches, transition of power, and unapproved documents were the main reasons for the postponing. Jakela London, a second-year senator, believes the issue revolves around position placement.


“There was a time we didn’t know who the SGA president was, we didn’t know who the chief of justice was. With the transition of power, the whole E-branch was in a state of confusion. We were all just trying to get ourselves in formation,” London said.


Third year student and Chair of the elections and appointment committee, Dajuh Sawyer expressed her strong feelings throughout the meeting. “As student leaders, this semester has definitely taught us about how important communication is across the board into making things work when it comes to process and elections,” said Sawyer. “I would like to apologize to you all for the delay, and to all the candidates.”


Student Government officials are now beginning their third attempt of the election process.

The Electoral Commission was able to make the Election dates official.  Second year student Senator, Doney Eden stresses the possibility of Elections still not moving forward.


“We have to wait for the Student Supreme Court to approve some documents. In the event that the SGA President Justin Bruno does not assume the role of Chief Justice of Supreme Court and call the court to order and approve documents, there’s a chance for elections to be pushed back again,” said Eden.


“Once it gets pushed back again, there will be no elections,” added third year, preceding supervisor on the electoral commission, Olabimpe Olayiwola.


Without elections, there will be no SGA President and Vice President, Mister or Miss FAMU, King of Orange & Green, Queen of Orange & Green, Graduate Attendant, Senior Attendant, Junior Attendant, or Sophomore Attendant. This will cause an absence of the royal court at recruitment trips and the summer student orientation.


Meetings regarding the Spring 2017 elections will be held throughout the end of the week to ensure that everything is in order for the elections to properly take place this semester.


The following dates listed below are the approved dates of the Spring 2017 Elections-


March 20- Declaration of Candidacy

March 21- Declaration of Candidacy

March 22- Declaration of Candidacy

March 26- Candidates Meeting

March 23-28 Dead Days

March 29-April 4 Campaign Week

April 2- Pageant

April 4- Election Day

April 6- Run Off