Panel discussion shares how to be “single with a purpose”

Florida A&M University’s students are saying that young adults all over the world are becoming tired of giving themselves to empty people who show their disinterest in loving them — the right way. For that reason, students say they are making the choice to be celibate which, they say, is a tough thing to do in this overly sexualized generation and society.

Students were able to talk about how strenuous it is for them to find true love whether it be within themselves, or someone else at the “Single with Purpose” panel discussion event.

Jasmine S. Standley, co-founder of “Single with Purpose” threw her first event before Valentine's Day on, Feb. 12. She invited the student audience into her past relationships that were full of emotional abuse, insecurities, and heartbreak. She talked about being cheated on, having an abortion and getting an STD. She was very open about her past which then helped the students in turn be open about theirs.

At the event, there was a panel of speakers, who were between the ages of 21 and 40. All of the speakers were married and waited until marriage to have sex with their partner. They emphasized the importance of why you should be single at some point in your life.

“..I think that at some point and time, that you take a break and you’re single just for a while so you can learn to love yourself and understand your worth. Before you can go love anyone else you have to first love yourself.” says, Marcia Roberts-Morris, a pastor's wife and one of the speakers on panel.

The panel spoke about various topics for example: the importance of having God as the foundation of your relationships, shacking up, why you should not have sex before marriage, and how sex can confuse people's idea of love with lust. One of the most controversial questions was “what is the difference between courting and dating?”

Onyx Frederick, a married 22 year old woman said, “dating is the exceptional form of prostitution.” Some of the panelist agreed and some didn’t.

Johnny Seals, a married man said, “speaking from a single guy's point of view, I’m not taking you out, taking you to see a movie, taking you to dinner just to say we had a good time.”

Morris replied saying, “I dated a lot — I had multiple friends that I went out with, but it did not result in sex.” 

The student audience were also immensely involved in the discussions. It got very emotional and even more personal as the event went on. Many young men and women, single and in relationships, decided to choose celibacy. Many were crying and showing their hurt in dealing with anxiety and depression from past relationships, and just wanted a change.

The students thanked Standley for having the event and starting her organization.