How to survive Valentine’s Day single


The time of the year where happily paired couples celebrate their unity is here. Valentine’s Day is known to be an anticipated special day to share with your loved ones, being surrounded by hearts, chocolate, and flowers. On the other hand, being single on Valentine’s Day can be dreadful. Being alone does not have to be the end of the world for the single community.

Third year business student, Dominique Parks says, “Valentine’s Day is a time for any type of love whether it be self- love, your significant other, family etc. not having a significant other on Valentine's Day isn't bad.”

Face Valentine’s Day (V-day) with courage this year, while considering these five tips:

Laughter is good!

According to The Help Guide Organization’s website, laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting diseases. It serves as the body’s “feel-good” chemical and tends to boost your mood.

“Something as simple as laughing is easily overlooked, but laughter lightens any mood, so I like the idea of watching something funny to take my mind off the love birds.” says sophomore Aaliyah Simmons.

This Valentine’s Day pick your favorite comedy movie and/or stand up and laugh the night away! If you are not a movie person, do not worry because there is always more options to show yourself love.

Party Time!

Just because you are single does not mean you are alone! Valentine Day is the time to get together with some of your single friends and plan a V-Day social. Gather your favorite playlists and let the good times roll. Throwing a party with all your single friends helps keep your mind off the love birds.  Challenge your friends to stay off social media to avoid liking couples’ photos.

Also, consider having a secret admirer within your group of friends. Draw names and exchange gifts with each other such as chocolate, flowers or a night on the town.

According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, 52 percent of gifts given on Valentine’s Day are cards and 48 percent is candy.

Political science student, Brandon Johnson said, he’ll be celebrating his Valentine's Day with his mother this year.

“My mother is coming in town, so I’ll probably bring her flowers and take her out to eat that evening.”

Treat Yourself!

The best money is money spent on yourself! The Statistic Brain Research Institute, shows the average annual Valentine’s Day spending is $13,290,000,000 and the average consumer spends $146 per person, according to

Former FAMU student, Eldricka Thomas says, “I don’t mind being single on Valentine’s Day… I can take myself on a date and buy a gift that I am actually appreciative of.”

While being alone on V-Day may seem strange, it is a great way to learn to love yourself and to live happy while being alone. Treat yourself to something special like a candle lit bubble bath, those shoes you have been wanting, or take yourself out to your favorite restaurant.

Being single on V- Day could actually pay off if you like chicken wings. On Valentine’s Day, Hooters restaurant is offering to “Shred your “ex”” for ten FREE chicken wings with the purchase of a drink. Just bring in a picture of your Ex and be prepared to Shred It! Or take their “Shred your Ex” quiz online.

“Let us at Hooter help you let go of that ex as you feast on our infamous wings. It’s nothing like eating good food and enjoying the restaurant's environment to keep your mind off of celebrating Valentine’s Day solo.” Samantha Lopez, a Tallahassee Hooters waitress said.

Catch Up!

With busy schedules and sleepless nights it can be easy to lose touch with those special people in your life. Take the opportunity to catch up with loved ones who you have not talked to in months or even years. Get in touch with loved ones and spread the love by letting them know they play a special role in your life. Try to avoid the urge to catch up with your ex, leave that old relationship in the past.

According to this year’s single, 2016-17 Royal Court member Dalvin Roberts says, “of course we all have that person who crosses your mind especially if there is a memory attached to it like the moments on Valentine’s Day … so occasionally I may reach out to an ex to check up depending on if everything is smooth between us.”

Do What Makes You Happy!

Remember you are the captain of your own love boat. No one knows you better than yourself, do what makes you happy, not only on Valentine day, but every day of the year!

Registered Nurse Daisy Sanders says, find time to love yourself through exercise, relaxation, social outings, cooking and many more personal activities. “Surround yourself with positive people and stay away from negative behaviors and triggers.”

Valentine’s Day can be a disappointment, that is, if you let it. Do everything possible to make this holiday a positive occasion. Let love be your guide as you celebrate yourself on Valentine’s Day this year.