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On today’s Paradigm News, the team brought new light to a recent court case regarding dreads and find out how one young man is trying to right his father's wrongs.

The Hair Question

Shatanya Clarke and Giselle Thomas took a deeper look into a recent court ruling.

Earlier in the year, the U.S Circuit Court ruled that Catastophe Management Solutions, who denied a woman a job because of her dreadlocks, did not commit discrimination.

This ruling has caused many people to take to social media and protest the court case. Men and women with dreadlocks posted pictures on Instagram at work, showing how they believe dreadlocks can be professional.

Others, including Florida A&M University students, are confused about the ruling. Some students feel that dreads are just a part of their everyday wardrobe. Some even remember times that they were singled out because of their dreadlocks.

FAMU student Travanna Terrell recalled a time when she was the only one at her job who had to wear a hair net.

However, some professionals agree that some hairstyles are not presentable enough to wear at work. Owner of Celebrities Hair Design, Trenice Seniors says that women specifically should tame their hair at work, especially if they wear their natural hair.

Companies like the one in the court case, have dress codes that may prevent certain styles and hair choices. However, many of these guidelines vary.

One out of Three: Noah’s Story

Studies have shown that one out of three black men go to prison.

Javonni Hampton met a young man who grew up without his father because his father was incarcerated. Noah Davis is a junior at Florida A&M University.

Davis has gotten heavily involved at FAMU and mentors many young men all in the hopes of helping young men be a part of the two out of three black men that do not go to prison.

After years of not speaking to his father, Davis decided that he wanted to reach out once again.

Davis says he hopes he can build a better relationship with his father as he gets older.

The Grey Area

Transportation companies are putting the customer first now more than ever before.

Whether people are catching a bus or an Uber, transportation companies are putting the customer are constantly making changing to get people from place to place in the quickest, easiest way possible.

Uber allows customers to request rides with a simple tap of a finger. The app locates the nearest Uber, allowing the rider to only wait minutes before being picked up and taken to his or her requested location.

Tallahassee Uber driver Justin Cromartie said that many Florida State University and FAMU students utilize Uber to get to and from class, but many people still take the bus to get from place to place.

Giselle Thomas took a trip to London and found similar convenience.

In Central London, people can expect buses every three to four minutes. This remains one of the main ways to get around in the city. Each bus is equipped with several fee payment locations. Similar to metro cards, riders tap or swipe their cards at the payment locations. Multiple locations allow for quicker transfers and less wait time to get on and off the bus.