Biden rallies for Clinton at FAMU

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden at FAMU.  Photo by Adlernico Brioche – FAMUAN Photo Editor


With only one day left until the election that will determine the next president of the United States, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden stopped at Florida A&M University for the final campaign rally for Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton.

The rally Monday was filled with eager students and community members. Shuttles were present to take those who have yet to cast their ballot to the nearest voting precinct.

Biden set the tone of his speech by showing his connection to the community.

“I got started at an HBCU. I got started as a senate candidate. I was trying to see how I could bring an end to that war in Vietnam and bring the Civil Rights Movement to fulfillment,” said Biden.

He focused his attention to the students in the crowd to let them know that they were essential factors in this election race.

“It’s up to your generation. You are the millennial generation. You are the generation that’s the most tolerant, the most educated, the most generous and the most committed,” said Biden.

“And now you are also the largest generation that is going to vote in this election,” he continued.

Getting millennials to vote has been a reported struggle throughout this election season. Although many students have gone out to vote, others have not given this election much energy.

FAMU student senate president and political science major Brandon Johnson, 20, urges millennials to vote.

“Right now millennials have the largest voting base; however, we have the lowest voter turnout as well,” said Johnson. “A lot of people have unfortunately died and suffered a lot, just for us to have the option to vote. So it is imperative for us to use the vote we have,” Johnson continued.

Further along Biden’s speech he talks about his relationship with other world leaders, and about his supporting candidate’s opponent Donald Trump.

“We’re loved around the world because of the power of our example, because they really do believe that we ‘hold these truths to be self-evident that all men and women are created equal,’ ” said Biden in quoting the Declaration of Independence. “I know every major world leader today by their first name … And ladies and gentlemen, they’re looking to us. Donald Trump is already causing us serious damage. Before the end of the meetings with these leaders I get asked ‘tell me it’s not true is it? Your country has not changed that much has it?’ ” Biden asked.

The seriousness of casting a vote has come across the minds of many students on campus. Twenty-year-old music education student Krystalin Jones explains what she took away from rally.

“We need to vote because we need to make sure that (Donald) Trump does represent our country. He makes our country look bad as a whole. He degrades people and that would make our country look terrible,” said Jones.

Students appreciated the connection Biden left with them. Nineteen-year-old psychology student Moriah Treadwell told us how she felt after listening to Biden’s speech.

“Joe Biden really grabbed my attention when he talked about the Black community. I felt that he related to the community as a whole,” she said.

With there being less than 24 hours left to cast a vote, there are several opportunities for residents to ensure that their ballots are casted.

Along with the shuttles that will take voters to the precincts, there will also be a final march to the polls on Nov. 8. The march will begin at 2 p.m. and end at 4 p.m. Students will march to the closest precinct to campus at St. Eugene Chapel 701 Gamble Street.