5 Years in a Row and Still Running

October 29th, 2016 was a historic day for the Lady Rattlers cross country team. The Rattlers won their 5th straight Mid Eastern Athletic Conference title (MEAC) at the Delaware State University outreach and research center.


The Lady Rattlers have dominated since 2012, and have not looked back since. After winning the 5th championship for the school, Dr. Darlene Moore was so overwhelmed after winning the championship she said “ I didn’t answer any phone calls, I only text because it was just so hard to believe that this program has become so dominant.”

Nicole Kvitkauskas a freshman on the team, realized from day one that you are expected to be great everyday in practice and in competition, she said “ Coming in, I saw this team was very dominant and I really had to step up.”

The lady rattlers came into every season with a championship attitude and it is reflecting in their performance over the past five years.  Dr. Moore felt the rattlers didn't have their best performance in Delaware. The weather in Delaware was very different than the one they see everyday in Tallahassee. She also said this was a rebuilding year for the Rattlers and that her and her staff had to do a lot more coaching this year than the  previous years.
Dr. Moore said it was the worst race of the year but the dominance was still there inside her runners.  Dr. Moore also spoke about Judith Kibbi, last year she placed 2nd and really set it in her mind to come in first this year. Dr. Moore said, “ Judith told me that she was tired of being the bridesmaid and was happy to be the bride and coming in first this year.”

Dr. Moore spoke about what kind of runners she likes to bring to her team. She spoke about how she wants her runners to be academically strong and they have to buy into the philosophy of the program. When you do those things, the team will become a family.  


The Lady Rattlers are still debating about doing any regional activity but will make a decision on regionals later this week.