Millennial’s March to the polls for Early Voting


Although a cloud of rain covered the sky as students and local politicians got ready to begin their journey to the polls, they did not let anything stop them from getting out the vote. It was imperative to let their voices be heard in early voting.

This past Wednesday, Florida A&M University’s Student Government Association fired up students to cast their ballots early with the Millennial, “March to The Polls.”

Students were joined by local political leaders such as: Tallahassee’s very own Mayor Andrew Gillum, City Commissioner Curtis Richardson, Bill Proctor and others.
Mayor, Andrew Gillum made sure to emphasize the impact voting will have on this election.

“I’m voting and I’m encouraging the vote because I’m concerned about the future of the students at FAMU, I’m concerned about what this country will look like for my children. So this is a vote, yes for a candidate, but moreover a vote for an agenda that best benefits our communities,” said Mayor Gillum.

As a student leader, the 46th student senate president, Brandon Johnson realizes there is strength in numbers and hopes that this event will encourage others to follow the agenda of letting their voice be heard by voting early.

“I think when students see their own classmates going to the polls, it puts something in them that makes them feel obligated to do the same, if we get as many students possible to go to the polls together, we’ll see a greater number than trying to get them to go individually at their own sparing time,” said Johnson.  

The crowd chanted “fired up, ready to vote!” as they entered the shuttle that would transport them to the voting site.
Political science student, Jamia Hood expressed her excitement to get out and vote early. She believes that these types of events will ignite the excitement in students to become more involved in the voting process.
“This event will have a great impact. There’s no excuse, it helps brings students out and allows us to get more involved in this process,” said Hood.
As election day approaches, there are many events like “March to The Polls” for students and community members to get involved in.