TPD seeks people for questions in shootings of FAMU students


Tallahassee Police Department have obtained surveillance video after the shooting on Gamble and Perry streets that led to the death of Quinton Langford and left Landsey Elisson in critical condition at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. Both are Florida A&M University students.

The surveillance video shows who police believe are suspects in the on-going investigation of the “fallen Rattlers.” TPD Spokesman, Officer David Northway said the shooting happened after a party was over on Gamble and Perry streets around 1:15 a.m.

“TPD investigators learned through video surveillance tapes that we have obtained it seems that there was a group of males and a female involved with this shooting,” Northway said.

A group of men and a woman in the video are believed to be involved. The video shows these individuals leaving the area where the shooting occurred, walking past FAMU village and getting into three unidentified cars leaving the parking garage located on Wahnish Way. A fourth car is said to be involved.

“The original video,  that we can’t release at this time, does capture the shooting … these groups of individuals that we have released today that are circled in these pictures are definitely involved in this shooting,” said TPD Sgt. Jeff Mahoney.

Northway described two people in the video. The woman, he said, is believed to be college aged between 18-24 years-old. She has long hair to her mid-back, Northway said. In the video she appears to be wearing white shirts, a light-colored top with a "clutch-type purse in her arm.

The man, Northway said, is heavy-set wearing a tank top underneath a light-colored, open, button-down shirt with darker colored pants. The man also appears to have twists in his hair.     

TPD is still looking to identify the persons of interest in this video and are asking for anyone that may have a tip to call Crime Stoppers at 850-475-TIPS or contact FAMU PD at 850-599-3256.