FSU and FAMU Football brings Millions to Tallahassee

Florida A&M University fans cheering on the team

There is no doubt college football produces a major economical impact to the city of Tallahassee, and this past year brought in a direct impact of $94 million.

Florida State and Florida A&M University football fans from all over the state of Florida come to Tallahassee for the games, which means plenty of businesses such as restaurants, hotels, and retail stores benefit tremendously.

According to Downs and St. Germain Research, football attendees spend around $459 a day and $1,193 during their entire trip.

Benjamin Kamerman, General manager of Catalina Café on Gaines St. said they make sure to prepare for home games and expect plenty of traffic, “We almost double in sales every game weekend, so we have to really raise our staff that day and make sure we’re covered. I’m not sure the exact number in sales but we do really well and appreciate all the parents and students that come through during the games.”

Rivalry games such as Florida State against Miami especially gives the city a financial boost. A record crowd of 84,409 fans filled up Doak Campbell Stadium in November 2013.

The excitement also springs Florida A&M fans who bring in about $325,000 in ticket sales.

According to Tallahassee Democrat Sue Dick, CEO and President of the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce said home games throughout the fall can pack as much economic punch as a four-month holiday season.

“Approximately half a million fans each season visit and spend money in our community with a direct impact of $48 million and indirect impact of $95 million,” Dick said.

For every dollar spent, Dick said, there’s normally a multiplier effect of $2 to $3 flowing within the city.

For the games fans aren’t only spending on game day, they come as early as Thursday and spend on shopping, social events, and businesses.

Hotel Duval front office manager, Jennifer Bias said they get a lot of fans parents and students that stay for the home games.

“We certainly do see an uptake in revenue around the football season. It’s also great business as far as having people come in from out of town who aren’t natives from Tallahassee as well as parents and fans that use to go to FSU coming back. It’s really exciting to see everyone who comes in to spend the weekends here at the hotel,” said Bias.