Fire Truck Roundup


Woodville Volunteer Fire Department recognized Tom Mihalich as the most influential firefighter.  

Leon County hosted its 19th Annual Fire Truck Roundup on Saturday,  at the Growing Room Child Development Center. This years Jack Harron Volunteer Firefighter of the year recipient was Tom Mihalich of the Woodville Volunteer Fire Department.

As a recent recruit, Mihalich joined the Woodville Volunteer Fire Department August 2015. Since then, Mihalich has been noted to be one of the most influential firefighter in the department. Through his service and dedication to the department, Mihalich has maintained the department’s oldest fire truck and has made it his project to improve the vehicle and other equipment with cost effective upgrades.

After receiving his award, Tom was speechless and without feeling but once reality set in he expressed it was his passion for the job that keeps him going.  

“It’s hard to explain because you don’t look for recognition, you don’t do it for recognition. You do it because either you care about it or you don’t care about,” said Mihalich.

According to a Leon County press release, Mihalic has proven himself to be a valuable member of the department through his leadership, and promotion of the department throughout the community and working with local businesses to acquire donated good and services.

Tom Mihalich was not the only one who seemed speechless throughout the event; the families, especially the little ones in attendance were to. From a bounce house, a section called “Pick-n-Pull” showcasing how firefighters take apart a car to rescue a victim and ending such an action packed afternoon with burgers and hotdogs, you named it this event had it. All of the different Leon County fire departments showcased special fire trucks for the families to see and touch. Kids got to blow the horn while others pressed the button that activated the lights.  

“I think this a good thing. It allows the community to know what we have and who we have to help. It shows us who the volunteers of our communities are and it just solidifies the fact that we are all in this together,”  said Goey Morgan, an attendee of the event. He enjoyed the image of seeing his toddler so amused by all that was taking place.