Rattler Productions beefs up technology for fans

Florida A&M’s sports information team has a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to providing Rattlers with the best fan experience.

FAMU’s sports information team and Rattler Productions are solely responsible for the production and broadcasting of all FAMU sporting events. Their main goal is to create the best experience for Rattler fans. Under the direction of Vaughn Wilson, the sports Information team has been able to implement technologies that could revolutionize FAMU Sports.

“They were trying to figure out how to integrate a drone with live video footage at the University of Alabama. We did that this year” Wilson said.

The FAMU Rattler Productions team is one that is completely run by students with little interference from advisors and faculty.

Wilson said he “never thought he’d see the day when he could walk into a production room and see students operating the professional equipment.”

He isn’t the only one excited about the transformation brought forth by the Rattler Productions team, intern Morgan Culler shares her vision on the growth she’s witnessed and hope for the future.

“To me we can only improve,” Culler said. “We are trying to get to the point where we are on the same level as the Florida State’s, the Florida’s, the Michigan’s, the big name schools. That’s what we want to be as FAMU and in the end that’s where we are going to be.”

The rivalry Bethune-Cookman game and FAMU Relays were used as stages for the team to showcase technologies such as the instant replay machine and aerial footage.

With upgrades being constructed daily, Rattler fans can expect great things in the near future.