The Fuzzy Pineapple Art Festival aids local artists

Photo Credit Ebony Gibbs

In the age of dying artists, there are very few ways for an artist to be successful. Despite this, The Fuzzy Pineapple Craft and Art Festival provided opportunities for local artists to be great and showcase their work in Tallahassee Sept. 17.

In its second annual appearance, the festival allowed artists to learn how to sell their art. The Fuzzy Pineapple owner and curator Nefetari Dennard explained that it also helps jumpstart their businesses and broadens Tallahassee’s art and small business scene.

“(It) shows them, ‘hey you can make money off of this,’” Dennard said.

As opposed to other art festivals mostly filled with people from out of town, Dennard said the festival prides itself on being specifically for local artists in the surrounding area.

“It is our mission to help these artists generate enough buzz to propel them to their next level of artistic and economic growth,” Dennard said.

The Fuzzy Pineapple not only provides the space, but also sponsors student artists.

The festival invites artists, musicians, bloggers, authors, photographers and videographers to present their talents to the Tallahassee community. It is Dennard’s goal that attendees are able to experience different levels of art.

Children’s book writer and illustrator Tank Champion felt as though this event gave artists a medium for feedback.

“They get to see how people react to the work, and they also get feedback from other artists,” Champion said, noting that the income from selling the art at the festival went straight to the artists.

Champion thinks this event is great for children as well. The children are able to develop an interest in art by coming out to the festival with their families.

Artist Aquilla Johnson said the event served as a networking experience. She was “meeting new people and also socializing.”

“(The festival) brings the Tallahassee community and abroad in contact with the artists. The networking here is definitely unbeatable,” Dennard said.

The Fuzzy Pineapple is growing in size and participants, making it a staple of progression in the art industry. Dennard said that during last year’s festival, over 90 percent of the vendors exceeded expectations on what they were expecting to make here.

Attendees of The Fuzzy Pineapple are there specifically to support, not just look, and to Dennard that’s the best part.